Is Olive Oil An Effective Therapy For Treating Grey Hair?

Who doesn't like thick, lustrous, good-looking hair? The pollution and hectic lifestyles nowadays make it extremely difficult to consistently follow the good old traditional ways of hair care. As a result, most of us end up with hair, which is dry, rough, prone to dirt and damage due to side-effects of pollution, and so on. What more, there is another serious consequence of all the hair-care that we end up skipping, due to stress, a busy lifestyle, etc. Well, it is none other than grey hair!

With ageing, hair inevitably may turn grey, but do we realize the dangers of cosmetic hair products, lack of hair care, poor diet, etc., that causes the hair to turn grey much before it is supposed to? Let us understand more.

Olive Oil For Grey Hair

How To Care For Your Hair On Regular Basis?

Well, we could suggest certain really simple and effective ways on how you could take care of your hair on a consistent basis, and reap the benefits in the long run.

1. Regular oil treatment: A brilliant potion for your hair is to regularly oil it. The best way is to slightly heat the oil to a lukewarm temperature, and apply it while massaging it onto your scalp and hair, keep it on for 30-60 minutes before washing it off. You could use oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, amla oil or almond oil. The idea is to condition your hair before you wash it. If possible, oil your hair at least twice a week, but for lack of time, even once a week will be good enough.

2. Hot water is a no-no: Do not ever wash your hair with hot water, since hot water tends to damage the hair and makes it dry. Instead, always wash hair with cool or lukewarm water for best results, and to ensure that they do not lose moisture.

3. Use the best kind of shampoo and use it properly: Depending on your hair type, go for the right kind of shampoo with the best results. For instance, if you have dry, normal or oily hair, go for a shampoo best suited for your kind of hair. Another important point to consider is to never apply shampoo directly onto your hair or scalp. Instead, make it a habit to always dilute it, make froth and then apply. The direct application of shampoo can remove the natural oils from your hair/scalp.

4. Condition your hair and rinse it properly: Properly condition your hair by removing the shampoo residue completely first, then applying the conditioner only on the mid-length or end of the hair strands, before rinsing it off with water.

5. Avoid washing your hair daily: It is important to wash your hair for hygiene purpose, but it is equally important to maintain a gap between each wash. Washing your hair on an everyday basis can strip them off the natural oils, and make them dry and prone to breakage. Instead, wash them 2-3 times a week, depending on how badly they need a wash!

6. Do not vigorously rub to dry your hair: Gently dry your hair using a soft towel (microfibre preferably), and avoid blow-drying it too frequently.

7. Do not comb wet hair: It is a good idea to detangle your hair, while you are in the shower, or while they are wet, using your fingers. Brushing or combing wet hair can make them break and lead to split ends!

8. Avoid sun, heat, pollution and frequent hair cosmetics: While you may want to keep your hair clean, maintaining their hygiene and health on daily basis is also important. If you have to step out into harsh sun or pollution, always cover your hair using a scarf or a hat. Avoid overusage of cosmetics-based hair products.

9. Go for natural hair products, masks, packs: Try as much as possible to opt for natural hair-packs or treatments using fruit, vegetables, curd, milk, honey, eggs, etc. for the best results.
10. Eat a balanced diet: Like a balanced diet is essential to maintain an overall health of the body and its functions, our hair too requires a good nutritious diet on regular basis to maintain their health. Include eggs, fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, avocado, etc in your regular diet to help your hair reap benefits.

Why Is Olive Oil Beneficial For Hair?

Olive oil is nowadays one of the favourite oils used by people all over for their hair, skin and overall health. Be it the culinary dishes or topical application individually or in combination with other natural ingredients, olive oil offers fantastic benefits. For hair, olive oil acts as a brilliant moisturiser, thereby reducing scalp itching or irritation and dandruff. This directly smoothens and strengthens hair, promoting growth and lustre.

Does Olive Oil Help In Treating Grey Hair?

The answer to this question is - yes, it does! While we delve into more details, let us also understand the various reasons of grey hair and how olive oil can help tackle the problem.

1. Dandruff: One of the major reasons why a lot of youngsters get premature grey hair is dandruff. Since olive oil is a superb moisturiser which helps prevent dandruff, it directly leads to controlling grey hair that may be caused due to dandruff-stricken extreme dry or itchy scalp.

2. Hair damaged due to chemicals: Excessive hair styling products or hair colour could lead to the hair losing its natural hair, thereby leading to grey hair. Massaging olive oil onto the hair can help restore the natural hair-colour.

3. Helps restore pH level: Sun damage could result in adverse effects on the pH level of hair follicles. Olive oil helps to restore the normal pH level, and efficiently curing the damage caused by sun or pollution.

4. Aids in delaying premature ageing: Since ageing is a natural process, turning of hair into grey is unavoidable too. However, regular usage of olive oil is helpful in maintaining the overall health of the hair, in spite of various external damage-causing factors, and is a wonderful way to delay premature ageing of the hair.

Essential Hair Care You Should Not Miss

While it is concluded now, that olive oil is a great remedy for preventing, controlling or even in some cases curing grey hair, it is advisable to ensure the most essential hair care routine on a regular basis. As mentioned earlier, it may require an effort in oiling, cleaning, conditioning or maintaining healthy eating habits for healthy hair, but it would be all worth it!

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