How To Use Ice Cubes For Skin Care?

Do you want to keep your skin healthy and radiant? Are pimples, acne, and other skin problems making your skin look bad? Worry not, because today we have an interesting and inexpensive treatment for your skin.

You might have one right in your freezer now! Yes, we are talking about ice cubes. Nowadays, spas, beauty salons, etc., have started using the ice cube treatment because it's considered to be an effective treatment for the skin.

How To Use Ice Cubes For Skin Care?

Ice cubes have a lot of benefits for the skin, as they help treat pimples, soothe sunburn, reduce eye puffiness, make the skin appear smooth and soft, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, provide a radiant and glowing skin, etc.

So, why not treat your skin with the cooling effect of an ice cube and save some money? Sounds good, right? And it's very easy to use this, as you just have to take it out from your freezer and rub it on your face. Isn't that super easy? It doesn't even take a lot of time.

10 Ways To Use Ice Cubes For Skin Care

So, in today's article, we have listed 10 benefits of ice and the ways to use it. Let's take a look now, shall we?

1. To Attain A Glowing Skin
Rubbing ice every day on the face will help improve blood circulation and provide the skin with a healthy glow. It also removes the dirt that's being accumulated on the face.

2. Treats Sunburn
When the temperature rises, your skin tends to burn if you are out in the sun for a long time. So, in order to soothe your skin, just wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and gently rub it on the affected areas. This will provide an instant cooling effect to your skin.

3. Reduces Dark Circles And Removes Eye Puffiness
We spend an enormous amount of time in front of the computer and this often leads to ugly dark circles being formed. So, instead of putting sliced cucumbers on your eyes, you can try mixing cucumber juice with rose water and freeze this mixture for a while. Once frozen, massage these ice cubes around your eyes. This will help fade away dark circles and also reduce eye puffiness.

4. Reduces Redness And Inflammation On Skin
If you have acne, then rubbing ice cubes helps soothe your skin, as it will help reduce swelling and redness. Some women are allergic to certain skin care products, which in turn leads to inflammations on your skin. In this case, ice treatment helps to reduce inflammation and redness on the skin.

5. Treats Heat Rash
Summer tends to cause havoc for some people. They tend to get heat rashes, and so ice cube treatment is the best, as the coolness from the ice will provide a great relief. Do not use ice cubes directly on your face, instead wrap them up in a soft cotton cloth and place it on the affected areas.

6. For A Radiant Complexion
Summer heat does a lot of damage to your skin, so rather than treating your skin with only plain ice cubes, pour fresh fruit juice on the ice trays and let it freeze. Once it's frozen, rub the cubes all over your face and pamper your face with the richness of fruits. This will provide an instant radiance.

7. Your Makeup Stays Longer
Rubbing ice cubes on face before applying makeup had been practised from ancient times. If you want your makeup to last for a long time, then gently rub some ice cubes all over your face before applying your makeup.

8. It Helps Clear Skin Pores
Large pores are not a wonderful thing to see, as this will make your face look ugly. So, in order to reduce the size of the pores, put a few ice cubes in a cloth and massage it on your face, until the ice melts. Ice cube massage also helps to reduce excess oil production on the face.

9. Prevents Wrinkles
Massaging ice cubes on the face will accelerate blood circulation and provide a healthy glow to the skin. Not only that, it also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stops premature ageing signs from appearing sooner.

10. Painless Tweezing
The skin around the eyebrows is soft and while doing the eyebrows, most women experience an excruciating pain. So, in order to avoid that, it's best to rub a piece of ice cube on the eyebrow line, as the area becomes numb for some time and plucking eyebrows will become an easier job.

• Do not use more than two ice cubes on your face, as excessive use of ice cubes may lead to skin problems and may worsen your situation.
• Always wrap ice cubes in a soft, clean cloth before massaging it on your face. This is because direct application of ice on the face can cause the capillaries under the skin to break and this can worsen your condition.

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