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    5 Ways To Use Amla For Skin Care

    Have you ever realized that some of the ingredients found in expensive and high-quality skincare products can also be seen in natural products? They are also easy, natural, inexpensive, at-home skin treatments, and lot more beneficial. Moreover, when you make them yourself, you know where they came from, their uses, benefits and how they work. If you agree with this, then one such wonderful ingredient that can form a part of your beauty regimen is Amla.

    Amla or the 'Indian gooseberry' is popular for its immense nutritional benefits. Amla is synonymous with immortality, and that is for a reason. Amla is also the Ayurvedic superfood as this humble fruit has a host of health, skin and hair benefits to offer. No wonder that many of those who have realized its value begin their day with a cup of amla juice. Let us take a closer look at how amla benefits your skin and ways to use Amla for skin care.

    5 Ways To Use Amla For Skin Care

    Why Is Amla Beneficial For Skin?

    Amla is very healing and beneficial for your skin. For instance, it prevents acne, spots, and make your skin glow. Here's how using amla can be beneficial for your skin.

    • Treats acne and scars

    Amla is ideal for treatment of acne and scars. When amla paste is applied to the affected area, it not only fades away the scars but also reduces the occurrence of pimples. It acts as a natural blood purifier, keeps skin infections at bay by fighting the microorganisms in the skin. In short, drinking amla juice can give you flawless skin.

    • Brightens the skin

    The presence of antioxidants and Vitamin C in amla juice can brighten your skin, giving it a natural glow. So, when amla juice is used in a face pack it offers lighter complexion and blemish-free skin.

    • Anti-ageing benefits

    Amla can help in taking years off your face. Amla can help you maintain the youthful look of your skin as it contains plenty of antioxidants. Vitamin C, particularly, keeps your skin youthful for a long time. Regular intake of amla juice helps delay signs of ageing such as dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

    • Tones the skin

    With the decrease in collagen production, your skin may lose its elasticity and appear saggy. Amla being rich in vitamin C boosts collagen cells in the skin, making your skin appear soft, supple and youthful. It helps tone and tightens the skin.

    • Treats pigmentation

    Amla can help by reducing pigmentation. Using amla regularly on the face as a toner can lighten scars and reduce pigmentation. This is because the high antioxidant content in amla makes it a great astringent.

    • Exfoliates the skin

    Amla is a great cleanser, irrespective of whether you consume it or apply topically. Being a mild exfoliant, it helps to remove the dead skin cells. If your skin is sensitive, dilute with water before applying. 

    • Repairs damaged tissues

    Amla helps in speeding up the skin repair process by healing damaged tissue and combating problems associated with dry, scaly skin. With regular topical use of amla juice on the skin, you will achieve healthy, clear skin.

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    How To Use Amla For Skin Care?

    There are various ways you could include amla for your skin care. Along with topical application of amla in the form of face pack, cleanser and toner, have a cup of amla juice daily, to notice the difference. Here are 5 ways to include amla in your skin care routine:

    1. Amla & Turmeric Face Pack To Prevent Blemishes 


    • 2 tbsp lemon juice

    • 3 tbsp dry amla powder

    • 1 tsp turmeric

    How to use:

    Make a thick paste with the ingredients and apply on your face.

    Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off.

    Repeat every week to gain beautiful skin.

    2. Amla Juice & Papaya Face Mask For Skin Whitening 


    • 2 tbsp of Amla juice

    • Some mashed papaya pulp

    • 1 tbsp of honey


    Just mix the ingredients and apply to your face.

    Rinse off after 20 minutes.

    Repeat this every week to lighten skin tone.

    3. Amla Powder & Rose Water Treatment For Oily Skin


    • Amla Powder

    • Rose Water

    How to use:

    Take 2 tbsp of amla powder and mix it with some rose water to make a quick face pack.

    Apply the pack evenly on face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with water.

    Use this twice a week to reduce oily face, to shrink the pores and to make the skin fresh.

    4. Exfoliate Your Skin With Amla And Lemon Pack


    • 2 tbsp Amla powder

    • 1 tbsp lemon juice

    • 1 tsp sugar

    How to use:

    Mix all the ingredients and make a thick paste.

    Use it as a gentle scrub by massaging in circular motions on your skin.

    Continue for 2 minutes and rinse with water.

    Use the scrub once in a fortnight to reverse the damages of pollution on your skin.

    5. Amla and Yogurt For Brighter Skin


    • 2 to 3 tbsp of Amla powder

    • 1 tbsp honey

    • 2 tbsp yogurt

    How to use:

    Mix these ingredients well and apply on the face

    Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with water.

    Within a few weeks, you may notice that your skin feels bright and refreshed.

    Amla is being used by people across the world for its skin, health and hair benefits. The fruit is safe enough to be consumed by all irrespective of age. However, in case you are allergic to the fruit, or if you experience any adverse effects on using amla, stop use immediately and seek medical care.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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