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How To Get Ombre Nails?

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Nail designs and nail art are the trendiest things of today. Great-looking nails only speak volumes about our style quotient. Flaunting well-manicured nails is a must if you wish to get noticed.

However, can you do it without much of an elaborate nail design? Well, the answer is "Yes". Ombre nails are just what any elegant lady would desire. These best suit both a professional as well as a partying look. Ombre nails are here to stay and would never go out of fashion.

What Exactly Are Ombre Nails?

This is a particular kind of manicure where a colour gradient is created. Ombre nails create a look wherein a light colour on the top of the nail is gradually blended into a darker colour that has been applied onto the tip.

The range of colour gradients created is vast - from monochromatic shades to sunset explosions. It looks classy and attractive at the same time and you would be happy and surprised to know that they are pretty easy to be done by yourself at home.

You will not need to visit a nail artist in order to attain ombre nails. The things you would need to create this nail look are nail paints, a small nail sponge and a small sheet of paper.

How To Get Ombre Nails?

• To start with, you would need to clean up your nails first. Use a nail polish remover to remove any nail paint that you might have on your fingernails. Use a cotton ball lightly soaked in a nail polish remover to do this. You can also trim and file your nails to achieve the desired shape and length of your nails before you begin giving your nails the perfect ombre look.

• Getting perfect ombre nails requires prepping your nails perfectly. Begin by applying a base coat. Applying a base coat will ensure that the lifespan of your manicure is longer.

• After the base coat has dried, take the lightest shade among the nail polish colours that you have. If you wish to have an enhanced and vibrant ombre design, then choose a white nail polish as your base. Using a light shade of the nail polish at this stage of the manicure process would give you a softer ombre look.

• If you are not an expert at this task or in case you are trying out ombre nail creation yourself for the first time, then there are high chances that you might just get the nail paint applied on the tips of your fingers as well.

In such cases, you will then need to scrub out the paint from the fingertips. To avoid this ruthless experience of having to scrub the paint out, you can apply petroleum jelly to the nail cuticles and around the nails in general.

• Next is the step to create your colour gradient. Do this by painting the ombre nail colours. Use straight, horizontal, side-by-side placed colours that would slightly overlap each other on a small sheet of paper.

You should start with the lightest shade of polish at the top and then slowly descend to use the darker shades as you keep incorporating more colours. You can do this vice versa as well depending on the ombre nail look that you desire.

The perfect number of nail colours to be used to create the best looking ombre nails is two or three at the most. Do not go crazy with plenty of colour usage; this will just spoil the entire look.

• Now, take the nail sponge and then press it down on the nail polish-painted sheet of paper. Then take the nail polish-infused nail sponge and stamp it onto your nails.

• Next step is to ensure that the colour gradient has been blended perfectly. To do this, slowly and gently roll the polish over your nails by gradually rolling the nail sponge on your nails in the left to right direction.

Repeat this until the desired hue is achieved. While pressing, you can stop a couple of times in between to check and assess if the ombre created is dark enough.

• Finally, to complete the ombre nails look, swipe your nails with the top coat. This would lock in the colours on your nail and maintain its ombre look.

Although getting the perfect ombre effect on your nails would take time, patience and effort, it is definitely worth the try, especially if you love flaunting new nail styles.

You can explore and experiment when trying to achieve ombre nails yourself. Doing it on your own gives you the freedom to go wild or sober with the colours that you use. There is a lot of room for creativity and you can indulge in creating unique ombre nails each time.

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