How To Do Sugar Wax At Home In 8 Easy Steps

Not having enough time to go to the salon to get your hands and legs waxed can get worrisome, especially if you tend to be on the hairy side. Going out with hairy arms and legs can make you feel low on confidence.

Keeping your arms and legs covered due to the presence of hair is not the solution. Also, if you lack the time to head to a salon, choose to wax your arms and legs yourself within the comfort of your home.

How To Do Sugar Wax At Home?

Sugar wax is something that is trending today and several women are opting this method of waxing which can be done at their own convenience. So, forget having to schedule your salon appointments for waxing. Go ahead and try the sugar wax at home.

Read on to know the recipe and the process of sugar waxing. It doesn't take much time in preparation. It is quick and easy to apply and gives you the much-desired look and feel.

Sugar Wax At Home

Not just time consuming, but getting a wax done at a salon can be quite expensive. With the varieties of waxing being the talk of the town, your beautician will try every way to lure you into going in for the most expensive waxing stating reasons such as excessive dryness of the skin, tanned skin, sensitive skin, and the list goes on.

The best and the most inexpensive way is to prepare a sugar wax at home. You can use this recipe to wax your legs, arms, eyebrows and upper lips.

Ingredients Required To Prepare The Sugar Wax At Home

• 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Presqueezed lime can also be used.
• One cup of raw granulated sugar, preferably white sugar. Avoid powdered sugar as it will not work in this recipe.
• 2 tablespoon water.
• Medium to large size cooking pot.

Preparation Of The Sugar Wax

Step 1: Put the sugar into the cooking pot.

Step 2: Add the water to the sugar in the cooking pot.

Step 3: Add the fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Step 4: Consistently stir the mixture before you turn on the heat. Do the stirring gently.

Step 5: Before bringing the heat down, allow the mixture in the cooking pot to reach a boiling point. Ensure that you do not burn the mixture. In case you accidently burn it, the mixture would solidify on cooling, making it unusable for sugar waxing.

Step 6: Again, keep stirring. Do this gently but consistently. At this point, the sugar would have completely dissolved in the liquid.

Step 7: When the mixture in the cooking pot has turned into a golden colour, stop heating it. The consistency should be that of a hot syrup. Take out a spoonful of it and allow it to cool down in the refrigerator. This is done in order to check the consistency.

When cool, the consistency of the mixture should be thicker than that of honey. In case you do not find the texture and consistency of the cooled mixture as required, then heat it again.

Place the cooking pot with the mixture on about medium to low heat. Do this for a couple of minutes and check the consistency again.

Step 8: Once the desired consistency is achieved, pour the mixture into a bowl and let it cool down for around half an hour or till it is completely cool.

Once you are done with the above steps, the sugar wax is ready to be used.

Why Should You Choose Sugar Waxing?

The end result of using sugar wax is quite similar to what you would otherwise get after waxing at a salon. The sugar wax is designed to remove hair at the root. This ensures that when the hair grows back, it is smooth, soft and the growth is slow. Using sugar wax also serves well to remove painful ingrown hair.

Sugar Waxing Procedure

• Choose a large area of the body to use it first. Ensure that you have removed any lotion or moisturizer/cream that you might have applied over the skin. You can begin waxing your legs first (this is where the hair is less coarse) or your armpit.

• Apply the paste in a thick layer. Forming a blob out of it would also work fine. Make sure that the wax is still warm, but cool enough so that you can handle it with your fingers. You can use a butter knife or a wooden popsicle stick to apply the wax (this is if you do not wish to use your fingers for the wax application). Apply the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Spread it evenly.

• Use small pieces of cotton fabric to remove the wax from the applied area. Ensure that you have kept the wax on for at least one minute before you go on to remove it. This would allow it to seep into the pores of the skin. To remove the wax, pat the fabric onto the applied area and then quickly pull it out like you otherwise would do using a wax strip.

• Any leftover wax can be poured in an airtight container and refrigerated. Remember to reuse it within 4 to 5 weeks of time. Also, reheat the wax before using.

So, if you wish to choose an inexpensive and simple technique to wax at home, then sugar waxing is the answer to all your queries. Also, sugar waxing is far less painful than the regular waxing at a parlour. Moreover, if you have a sensitive skin, it is better to DIY at home, than choosing to bear the pain and torture of hair removal at a salon.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 17:15 [IST]
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