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How To Create Perfect Loose Waves With Curling Iron?

Attaining the most stylish hairdo can seem to be a tough job, especially if you are not an expert at creating various hairstyles. The perfect hair style can speak volumes about your personality.

So, if you are heading out to an evening party, loose waves can make you look classy and elegant. The question that arises here is how you can effectively attain this hairstyle. Well, the answer is quite simple - with the help of a curling iron.

Loose waves give the perfect soft look for an evening out. Also, sometimes referred to as the beachy waves, loose curls or waves is the trendiest thing of today and you would have admired several celebrities adorn this look from their beach outing to their red carpet appearances.

This is one such hairstyle that looks perfect no matter where you are and at what time of the day.

The Loose Waves

The key feature of attaining this form of a hairstyle is to keep in mind that the wavy look begins halfway down your hair. This makes the task of creating loose waves simpler as you can tie up your hair into a ponytail and then just curl the lower part of the tied section.

This also helps in keeping track of the pieces of hair that you have curled vs the ones that you have not, especially when all the strands have gathered at one place.

Creating Loose Waves

Items required to create the loose waves: hair dryer, paddle brush, thermal protecting hair spray, curling iron, hair pins or clips.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to give your hair the perfect loose waves:

1. Protect

Since you will need to blow dry your hair first, it is advised that you use a thermal protecting hair spray. High heat can damage your hair; therefore, it is recommended that you spritz a protecting spray onto your hair before you begin blow drying it.

2. Blow

Use a paddle brush while blow drying your hair. Make sure that the nozzle of the hair dryer faces downwards. This will ensure that the cuticle of your hair remains smooth giving your hair a lustrous and shiny appearance.

3. Wave

Use a large barrelled styling or curling iron and create gentle waves. Wind your hair around the barrel, beginning from the top to the bottom of the hair strand.

4. Pin

Next you would need to slide the curl out and immediately secure it in its place using a clip/hair pin. Allow your hair to cool down before you begin removing the hair pins or clips. Removing the clips before your hair has cooled will make the waves drop down and fall out of place.

5. Loosen

When your hair has cooled down, remove the clips or hair pins. Use your fingers to loosen the hair after removing the clips. Do not use a hair brush at this stage. Using a brush would spoil the waves created. Use a hair serum after you have loosened your hair. Using a good hair serum smoothens the ends and defines the waves. Also, using a hairspray will hold the waves in place.

Quick-fix Tip

During the winter season, the chances are high that your hair would frizzle. This is when you should consider turning down the heat. Using styling tools and hair dryer quite too often can make your hair dry due to the excessive removal of moisture from your hair. This eventually turns your hair frizzy.

The best solution to prevent this from happening is to turn down the heat and put it at a cooler setting. Ensure that you do not forget the application of a thermal protecting product onto your hair before you begin styling your hair using heat-generating styling tools.

Achieving the loose waves look is appealing when you are heading to an important occasion. You might be tempted to head to the salon to get the look that you want. But remember that it is sure to create a large hole in your wallet.

Getting these looks at a salon is not just time consuming but extremely expensive as well. And why head to a salon when you can get the look you wish at home with a little patience and practice?

If it is the first time you are attempting this style, then there are chances that the end result might not be as you imagined. However, remember that to master the art of creating perfect loose waves using a curling iron would need a little practice and a good part of your time during the initial days.

So, if you already know that there is an important occasion coming up where you wish to give yourself the loose wavy hairstyle, then it would be a great idea to begin practicing this hairdo a week before the actual event. This way you would not take long to create the hairstyle on the D-day.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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