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    Homemade Beetroot & Yogurt Face Mask For Glowing Skin

    Homemade Beetroot & Yogurt Face Mask for Glowing Skin | Boldsky

    Beetroot is highly beneficial for the health. It is considered one of the prime vegetables, consumption of which can give your body a lot of nutritional benefits. Apart from its consumption, its application in the form of face masks has also been found highly effective in order to achieve a glowing and flawless skin.

    Based on several scientific studies, it has been found that raw beetroots are capable of combating dementia. Raw beetroots can also prevent hypertension and heart diseases. They are also capable of regulating blood sugar levels.

    Beetroot & Yogurt Face Mask

    Raw beetroots serve to be great as an exercise supplement as well. Being capable of stimulating muscle oxygenation, raw beetroots help you endure exercises of high intensity.

    Beetroots are a storehouse of powerful antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory and fungicidal qualities. Beetroots are advised for the treatment of gout and gall bladder. A compound called homocysteine is present in beetroots. This is known to enhance stomach acid regeneration and also reduces cholesterol.

    Beetroots have since ages been used for good skin and hair. Beetroots in the form of a face pack are used by people of all origins around the world. Being one of the popular ingredients for a homemade face mask, beetroots have been widely used across all cultures to achieve a beautiful skin.

    Although, people with a fair complexion get to see the effective results of using beetroot as a face mask earlier than the dark skin toned people, prolonged use of this vegetable can surely grant you a flawless skin from within, irrespective of your skin colour.

    Beetroots when applied have the capability of reducing pores and dark spots. Read on to know how you can use beetroot to prepare a face mask to get a glowing skin from within.

    Why Beetroot Is Considered A Blessing For Your Skin?

    Beetroot has been since centuries known to provide ample skin benefits - ranging from lightening blemishes, shrinking pores to giving your skin the ultimate glow.

    The presence of antioxidants in beetroot boosts the level of collagen of the skin. This eventually results in the improvement of skin elasticity, making the skin smooth and supple.

    The antibacterial properties of beetroot soothe inflammation. It also kills bacteria that tend to cause skin infections. This property of beetroot is also capable of reviving dull skin.

    Beetroot contains ample vitamin C. This neutralizes free radicals. Presence of vitamin C also helps in lightening of pigmentation on the skin. Dead skin cells are also removed revealing a clear and glowing skin from within.

    Beetroot is effective in curing dark circles and puffy eyes:

    In today's fast-paced life, the appearance of dark circles is highly common. Using beetroot as a face pack around the eyes can work as a soothing agent. Beetroot's antioxidant feature provides a skin revitalizing effect. Working as a stress reliever, beetroot juice when applied around the eyes removes dark circles and relieves you from those annoying eye bags.

    Beetroot face pack with lime juice and yogurt:


    • Two teaspoons of beetroot juice
    • One teaspoon of yogurt
    • One teaspoon of lime juice
    • Gram flour

    • Grate the beetroots first. Then, squeeze the juice out of these grated beetroots. Collect the squeezed juice in one bowl.
    • To this beetroot juice, add two tablespoon of gram flour. Then add the yogurt and the lime juice to this.
    • Mix all the contents of the bowl to form a smooth paste.
    • Spread this face pack onto your face evenly. Leave it on for 15 minutes. You can use your fingers or a face pack applicator brush to apply the mask on your face.
    • Once the pack on your face has dried, you can rinse it off. Use lukewarm water to wash off the face mask.
    • Now pat your face dry.

    The result of applying this beetroot special face pack will be visible soon after you have removed it. You get to see an immediate pinkish glow on your face. Your skin becomes highly radiant.

    Beetroot is the key to achieving a butter-smooth skin without any sort of a greasy feel.

    Beetroot is rich in carotenoids and iron. These nutrients help in seeping moisture through the pores such that it reaches the innermost layers of the skin.

    With the regular use of this magic vegetable in the form of a face mask, you will be assured a skin that is free from any kind of dryness and patches. Beetroot has also been found effective in treating ageing signs such as the appearance of wrinkles.

    You can use this face pack as often as you want. Even daily usage is permissible. You will be glad to attain the highly flawless skin that you have always wished for.

    With the ample known benefits of beetroot, you surely cannot stop yourself from incorporating it in your daily skin care regime.

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