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    Henna And Amla Mask For Hair Growth

    With the very mention of henna, we associate it with hair colouring. But, apart from just giving your hair a lovely shine and colour, henna is a versatile hair care ingredient that helps immensely in maintaining the overall health of your hair. It helps repair hair damage, conditions the hair, balances pH levels, arrests hair fall, and the list goes on.

    Now, how about adding amla (Indian gooseberry) to this? Amla being rich in antioxidants and vitamin C can help in keeping your hair and follicles healthy by combating the damage caused by the free radicals. It also nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth.

    Henna And Amla Mask For Hair Growth

    With two such powerful natural ingredients in hand, why not prepare a hair mask and use it for hair growth? Yes, this article is to guide you in preparing a henna and amla hair mask for arresting hair fall and promoting hair growth.


    • 3 tbsp henna powder
    • 1 cup amla powder
    • 2 tbsp fenugreek powder
    • 1 egg white
    • 1 lemon

    How To Prepare The Mask:

    • Make a thick paste of henna powder, amla powder and fenugreek powder by adding a little water to the mix.
    • To the paste, add an egg white and lemon juice.
    • Allow the mixture to sit for an hour.

    How To Apply:

    • Apply the mix on to your hair with an application brush, starting from the roots and working to the tips.
    • Leave the mask on for 45 minutes to an hour.
    • Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cool water.

    How Often To Use This Mask?

    The pack can be used once a week.

    Benefits Of This Mask:

    The mask is rich in proteins, making it a nourishing hair pack that helps in arresting hair fall and promoting hair growth. Both egg and fenugreek powder used in this pack are rich sources of proteins that promote hair growth.

    Henna and amla also work to arrest hair loss, repairing the hair damages and helping in hair growth, apart from enhancing the natural colour of the hair.

    Now, let us take a closer look at the benefits of each ingredient used in this pack.

    Benefits Of Henna For Hair:

    • Henna is antimicrobial and a cooling agent. Therefore, it helps in maintaining a healthy scalp by soothing an itchy scalp, preventing dandruff, etc., which are the main reasons for hair loss. When the scalp is healthy, there is no worry of hair loss too.

    • Henna is a good cleanser, as it removes dirt and grime from the scalp. When combined with other hydrating ingredients like egg white, it helps condition your hair too, giving a smooth, silky texture. This is because henna seals the hair cuticles by retaining moisture.

    • Henna provides a great nourishment for the hair, as it improves hair elasticity, preventing easy hair breakage. It prevents split ends too. All these are some of the issues that can lead to hair loss, and henna takes care of such issues.

    • Henna is ideal to be used for oily hair, as it can help in controlling excess production of oil by the sebaceous glands. It restores the pH of the scalp to its natural levels, thereby strengthening the hair follicles.

    Benefits Of Amla For Hair:

    • There is no better ingredient to fight hair loss, than amla. With plenty of essential fatty acids that strengthen hair follicles, amla is great in arresting hair loss.

    • The abundance of vitamin C in amla helps in curbing pre-mature greying of hair.

    • Amla is a great hair conditioner and an effective treatment for dandruff. As dandruff is one of the leading causes of hair fall, amla can help in tackling this issue too.

    • Amla is also a good remedy for dry, itchy scalp, as it provides deep nourishment to the scalp.

    • Due to the presence of high iron and carotene content, amla stimulates hair growth.

    Benefits Of Egg White For Hair

    • Protein is vital in maintaining healthy hair. Lecithin, a fatty protein in egg, reduces frizzy hair, and makes it smoother and less brittle. The sulphur stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth, while the proteins in egg white strengthen hair follicles, preventing hair loss.

    • Use of egg white on hair, alone or as a mask, can help in repairing hair damage and in reversing hair loss.

    • Egg white hair mask also cleanses the scalp of excess oils, promotes hair growth, fights dandruff and keeps the hair healthy.

    Benefits Of Fenugreek For Hair

    • Fenugreek is a rich source of nicotinic acid that improves hair growth, while lecithin energizes hair follicles preventing breakage.

    • Fenugreek fights most hair issues that otherwise leads to hair loss such as dandruff, itchy scalp, hair damages, dryness and split-ends, giving you shiny luscious locks. What's more, it is a good hair conditioner too.

    Benefits Of Lemon For Hair

    • Often, clogging of hair follicles can lead to dandruff and hair loss. Lemon, being anti-fungal, helps in maintaining a healthy scalp.

    • Lemon controls excess oil production in your scalp, and stimulates re-growth of hair from dormant follicles.

    • Being rich in vitamin C, lemon juice also strengthens the hair, preventing hair breakage and arresting hair loss. It adds shine to your hair too.

    We hope you noticed how every ingredient used in this hair mask helps in tackling almost all problems associated with hair loss, making it an effective mask for hair growth. So, isn't this mask worth trying? Let us know your feedback.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 17:15 [IST]
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