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    DIY Curd And Honey Face Wash For Clear Skin

    Cleansing your skin is an extremely important part of your skin care regime. Cleansing the skin is considered the first step when caring for your skin. Dust, dirt, perspiration and bacteria collect on your skin throughout the day and make your skin subjected to various issues.

    This makes it extremely essential for your skin to undergo a proper cleansing routine. Leaving the impurities on your skin without cleansing can clog the pores and make your skin prone to various skin problems.

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    Face cleansers available in the market are filled with chemicals that may damage your skin in the long run. Therefore, homemade face cleansers are great to avoid skin problems. They are inexpensive and extremely mild on your skin.

    With homemade face cleansers, you can be assured that it will not show any side effects on your skin. One of the wonderful homemade face cleansers is a do-it-yourself kind prepared using curd and honey that is capable of cleansing your skin just the right way.

    Curd And Honey Cleanser

    This cleanser is best suited for people with normal to dry skin. Moreover, people with dry skin should strictly stay away from chemical-based face cleansers, as they can leave the face extremely rough and dry. To restore the natural moisture of the skin, a homemade face cleanser prepared using curd and honey can do wonders. This cleanser is known for its ability to restore the natural moisture balance of the skin.


    • 2 teaspoons of curd
    • 1 teaspoon of honey

    How To Make:

    • Take a bowl.
    • Add about two teaspoons of curd to it.
    • Now, add about one teaspoon of honey (preferably organic).
    • Mix them well and apply it all over your face. 
    • Leave it on your face for about two to three minutes. 
    • Rinse using cold water.

    Tip: If you have dry skin, you can add about one teaspoon of olive oil too. After this cleansing process, you can follow up with toning and moisturizing. As this homemade cleanser is very mild, it can be used daily to cleanse your face.

    The Natural Goodness Of The Cleansing Ingredients

    Yogurt (Curd): The high content of lactic acid present in yogurt can successfully refine pores. Proven by AHA, yogurt works great by exfoliating the skin and also stimulates the production of collagen.

    Using yogurt for exfoliation is extremely good, especially when compared to other exfoliants that tend to be very harsh (for instance, salicylic acid). Curd can gently clean the skin and is also suitable to be used as a cleanser for all skin types. It is also ideal for the preparation of a face mask, as it is thick and creamy in texture and therefore provides a paste-like consistency for a face mask.

    Honey: Referred to as a natural humectant, honey is capable of retaining water and thus keeps the skin moisturized and soft. Honey is an antimicrobial agent and therefore finds its use in treating minor cuts and burns as well. It is great to be used for sensitive skin as well as it is an anti-irritant. Using it for the preparation of face masks also serves to be good, as it works towards binding other ingredients in the mask.

    Use as a moisturizing mask

    To the mixture of curd and honey, you can consider adding one or two tablespoons of cooked and cooled oatmeal. This when applied on the face would be highly effective for treating dry skin.

    Use as a calming mask

    For an irritated skin, you can consider adding aloe vera gel or juice in moderate amounts to the mixture of curd and honey. Few drops of chamomile oil along with half peeled cucumber could also be added to the mixture to soothe an irritated skin.

    Use to treat acne

    To the mixture of curd and honey, you can add about five uncoated aspirins. Wait till the aspirin dissolves completely in the mixture. Adding water or aloe vera juice along with the uncoated aspirin would help dissolve the aspirin faster. However, remember not to use this mask to treat acne in case you are allergic to aspirin.

    Use as a cleansing scrub

    To turn the mixture of curd and honey into a cleansing scrub, you can add about two tablespoons of almonds that have been finely grounded. Also, add about half teaspoon of lemon juice. This mix would serve great as a cleansing scrub. You can rub this mix onto your face for one or two minutes. Rinse it off using warm water.

    Do it yourself face masks and cleansers are 100 per cent natural and are easy and quick to prepare. They are cheap, as you can prepare them with ease using ingredients that are readily available in almost all households.

    The ingredients used in preparing the homemade cleansers are effective in healing irritated and dry skin when compared to over-the-counter facial products.

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