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Can Sweet Potato Help In Preventing Hair Breakage?


It's a nightmare for all when you see strands of hair on your hairbrush, sink, floor, clothes, etc. It is estimated that the average person sheds 50 to 100 strands of hair per day, but hair breakage on top of that? Well, that's a serious matter. The simple reason for hair breakage is dry and brittle hair but there are other factors too that contribute to the same, like tying your hair in a tight ponytail, using the wrong kind of hair fastener, overusing of heat styling tools, not using hair conditioner, not trimming frequently, over washing, poor diet, stress, and so on.

Hair plays an important role in enhancing our look and beauty, so we need to take extra care of it. Hair breakage is very frustrating but the good news is that it can be corrected by treating your hair with natural homemade products.

Instead of spending your money in a salon and feeding your hair with chemicals, it's best that you try out this simple sweet potato hair mask that will help you deal with hair breakage.

Can Sweet Potato Help In Preventing Hair Breakage?

Sweet potato contains vitamin A, an essential component that's necessary for all cell growth, including hair. Not only that, sweet potato is loaded with iron, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium and niacin. Along with vitamin A, it also contains a combination of vitamin C and E, and beta-carotene that contributes to great skin and healthy hair.

Sweet potato provides moisture and nourishment to dry and brittle hair. The vitamin A present in it helps to boost the scalp's natural oil, seals moisture and promotes hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acid in sweet potato nourishes the hair and adds lustre to it.

Deficiency in vitamin A can lead to dry, dull, and brittle hair but make sure you do not overdo your hair with vitamin A, as too much of it can actually cause hair fall. So, here we have an awesome sweet potato hair mask recipe that will help you keep those locks strong, beautiful, healthy, and moisturized.

How To Prepare Sweet Potato Hair Mask


• 1 cup of full-fat yogurt

• 1 whole sweet potato

• 1 tablespoon of honey

How to make:

• Peel, cut and boil the potato in a vessel so that it is soft and easy for mixing.

• Now drain the water and transfer it in a bowl and blend it with a hand mixer or you can use a food processor as well.

• Once your potato is smooth in consistency, add the honey and the full-fat yogurt. Blend them well.

How to apply:

• Part your hair into small sections and start applying the warm mask from the root to the top of the hair. (The mask will be warm because of the potato and it's good to apply the warm mixture as the warm temperature will help with the conditioning process.)

• Once your hair is fully coated with the mixture, put a plastic cap on. Now wrap a towel on top of it so that you trap the heat from the mixture and from your body as well.

• Leave this mask on for 1 hour and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

• Use this mask twice a month to get a healthy, moisturized, and strong hair.

Why this works:

Sweet potato contains beta-carotene, and hence it's considered to be an ideal food for the hair. It helps in promoting hair growth and treats dry and damaged hair. It also offers natural shine to the hair.

Yogurt is packed with protein and provides nourishment to the hair. The natural fat present in yogurt makes it a great natural conditioner for the hair. It also contains lactic acid that's great for cleansing the scalp and getting rid of dandruff and dead skin cells that aid in allowing the hair follicles to grow.

Honey is a natural humectant. It helps to retain moisture in the hair. Since it's also an emollient, honey helps to soften and smoothen the hair. The antioxidant properties found in honey prevents hair damage and keeps the scalp healthy and stops hair fall. It also cleanses the hair follicles and gets rid of impurities and stimulates hair regrowth.

Now you know the benefits of sweet potato, so it's time that you give it a try and leave hair fall and hair breakage behind. A little bit of extra love and natural ingredients will make your hair happy and strong. So, ladies, pamper your hair and take care.

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