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These Zodiac Signs Find It Hard To Say 'I Love You'

By Ishi

Is love really hard? No, it isn't. But what might be hard sometimes is accepting it. But wait. The hardest thing is when somebody loves you but feels no need to say it off and considers it just a drama or show. Well, dear believers of this philosophy, saying it off makes a lot more sense than what you believe and plays an important role in taking the relationship a little further and little longer. Do you have or know somebody who has another reason for not saying these three magical words?

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Well, whatever might be the reason, we know there is a group of such people existing in this 21st century along with us. And we have grouped them on the basis of zodiac signs. According to astrology, people of these 5 zodiac signs find it hard to say 'I love you'. Take a look if you are one on the list.



There are two things very common about most Geminis. One, they love experimenting, which means they would like to meet new people and check which one matches them more. Second, they have a list of prerequisites about friends, and these prerequisite qualities might sometimes be a little hard to find. Hence, they rarely use heavy words like 'love' until they are sure about it.

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Yes, Virgos are perfectionists. They would compose a song and not present it until it is perfect. They would buy a pair of trousers but wouldn't wear it until they find a perfectly matching top with it. Same goes in case of relationships as well. They generally prefer not to say ''I love you'' if they are not committed whole heartedly.



They do not accept change that easily. First they see situations, then they interpret them in their own way and then do they see its future. Which means they take their own time and do not surrender until then. So, in case of love, they prefer taking their time and then only do they declare their -''I love you''.

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Practical, goal oriented or ambitious, whatever you might call them. But yes, a Capricorn means business, and just business. They admire people for their looks, attitude and work. They do keep them in their heart. But seldom do they initiate any serious association other than the B2B relationship.

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They seek independence. And wonder when has an intimate relationship ever offered freedom! Hence, staying in the safer zone, they prefer not to use these three worthy words and generally use them only when they see either that the freedom would not get snatched away or that they are comfortable giving away that freedom for the sake of somebody's company they love more. Hence, Aquarians rarely say ''I love you''.

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