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4 Zodiac Signs That The December 2018 New Moon Will Affect The Most


The December new moon will occur on 7 December 2018. It is true that the planetary positions affect our zodiac signs. But how much and in what ways the astrological positions affect our signs depend on various other factors as well, such as the relations of the planets with one another. The enmity as well as the friendship of the planets with each other also has a role to play in it.

The December new moon will be the last new moon of the year. Here we have brought to you the list of zodiac signs that need to work on their thoughts and take some mental rest. While you might feel tired and lazy, you will actually need some rest for mental peace. Take a look at these zodiac signs that December New Moon will affect most.



Dear Aries, it is true that you have been trying to bring things in order as soon as possible for the past few days. Here we would like to tell you that the changing planetary positions might want you to be a little more cautious and alert. As here comes a time when your honesty and moral values might be tested. Hence, stick to your principles which is your true nature. Time will prove to be in your favour if you use these ideals.

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We know other's feelings matter to you and that you want to help people out in every possible way. But during the time this lunar phase brings to you, you might feel somewhat tired and the energy levels might be a bit lower. While the reasons behind the stress might be work, caring too much about others and ignoring yourself might prove to be a bad idea. Try to take adequate rest and think twice before speaking sensitive things.



This lunar phase brings a tiresome experience for you as well. While you know that you have been leaving impending tasks, not completing them and responding to the constant emails at the office, this should not be your idea for this period. You need to be more concerned about completing those tasks and only then should you look into other comparatively less significant matters.

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For the Capricorns, we have an advice worth considering. Self-care is what you need to focus more on, from the day of the new moon. The career-oriented people of the Capricorn zodiac are well known as workaholics. But you need to remember that it is your own health which should be on top of the priority list, in order for the work to be good.

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