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Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most Unreliable?


We often come across some people whom we approach for some help, but all we get is apologies from them for not being able to help on time. They claim of being too busy and unable to maintain long-term contacts. Or sometimes, they just do not get done the work assigned to them, and ultimately prove to be unreliable. Does that attitude of theirs irritate you? Does that confuse you on whom to rely on and whom not?

How do we find that out? Yes, of course, it cannot be predicted just by looking at their faces, whether they will accomplish a given task or provide the required help on time or not. However, astrologers claim that it can be known by finding out the zodiac sign of the person. Yes, it is believed that people of some zodiac sign are the most unreliable. Read more.

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Gemini is, of course, one on the list. She might play online games with you and might give you likes on all your social media posts, but that's all a Gemini will do for you. Geminis often claim to be too busy and hence, the reason they might not be interested in chit chatting with you even for the smallest reason. And what is more possible is that while they like your posts and play online games, they might do this while another task is running alongside.

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It is not for the first time that we are telling that Sags love to go out as much as they hate to be inside the four walls of the house. And that is what makes them too busy to meet you. Well, that does not at all mean you do not mean anything to them. While you might be one of their dearest friends, they just feel comfortable spending their time in their own way.

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As usual, the obviously busy Capricorn is always and really busy undoubtedly. They are such workaholics that planning a meeting with them seems way too difficult. But a good thing is that the busy bee Capricorn would also not expect that from you. All the more, every time you meet them online, they would show being happy to meet you. However, they are too busy to meet you offline.

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Well, in case of Aquarians, it is more because of forgetting things. They might even not read your messages, or not reply once read, and meeting might seem a far to reach goal; therefore, it all happens because something more important comes up as they read your texts. The most interesting part is that they might even forget that they had replied to you.

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