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Virgo Transit In Leo 2020: Effects On Different Zodiac Signs

The Venus transit in Leo took place on 28 September 2020 at 00.50 am. The planet of beauty and fortune moved out of the Cancer zodiac and entered into Leo. This transit will stay till 23 October 10:44 pm. In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered to be the most auspicious and important planet. Its appropriate position in one's horoscope can bring luck, peace, true love, good fortune and success to that person.

To know how this transit will be affecting your life, scroll down the article to read more.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, this transit will affect their love life in a positive way. You will experience many romantic moments with your love interest which in return will strengthen your bond with him/her. During this time, you will be attracted and attached to each other like never before. However, if you are married, then things can be slightly different. You need to avoid all possible arguments with your spouse and try to maintain transparency in the marriage. Students may find it difficult to focus on their studies. It is advisable that you stop spending unnecessary time on social media platforms.

Apart from this, during this transit, your family will support you and help you in achieving your goals.



The Venus transit for people born under the effect of this sign will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope. The transit will have a positive impact on your health. If you have been planning to buy a house or vehicle, then this is the right time when you can go for it. Your spouse may get a promotion and a hike in salary. However, you are advised to keep an eye on your financial expenses and savings. You need to avoid spending on unnecessary items and save your hard-earned money. There can be times when you may miss out on some opportunities. But then you need to avoid losing your cool and stay hopeful.



For Gemini natives, this transit will occur in the third house of your horoscope. This transit will bring many positive results in your life. The working professionals will earn major respect in their workplace. You will be benefitted from business-related trips. Your married life will also go through a good phase. You will be able to sort out all the misunderstandings with your spouse and maintain transparency in your married life. But it is advised to stay careful of what you speak. During this phase, you will be able to gain name and fame through your creative skills.



During this transit, people belonging to this zodiac sign will have fruitful time. You will receive abundant support from your family members. Even at your workplace, your colleagues will help and support you. This will help you in increasing your productivity and giving your best. You will get a hike in your salary and this will eventually improve your financial status. You will become a politer and humble person. This is the time when you will be able to deal with your problems by utilising your knowledge and skills.



The Virgo transit in Leo will take place in the first house of your horoscope and this will bring many fruitful results for Leo natives. This is the time when your luck will favour you like anything. You will be focusing your entire attention on your career and will be improving your creative skills. During this time, you will gain more popularity and people will consider listening to what you say. But then you need to avoid holding on to many desires as this can deviate your concentration from your career.



People belonging to this zodiac sign will host the Virgo transit in Leo in their twelfth house. The house symbolise upcoming problems, increased expenses and several other challenges. You need to pay more and more attention to your health. You are advised not to ignore your ailments and go for regular checkups to ensure that you are keeping well. You may face financial problems too and therefore, it is better not to lend money to anyone and be careful while spending money. Those who are into business may have a good time and earn benefits.



For people born under this sign, the transit will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. This transit will bring many positive changes to the life of these people. For working professionals, this transit will fetch support and help from their seniors and sub-ordinates. Most of these people will turn quite ambitious and will work hard due to which they may gain popularity. Also, they may experience romance in their lives. Married people will enjoy their married life and those who are in relationships will have a great time with their partners.



Natives of this zodiac sign will host the transit in their tenth house. These people will receive great support from their seniors. However, there can be times when your colleagues may misunderstand you. Your colleagues may end up misinterpreting your words and discussing your code of conduct. Those who are into the export-import business can look forward to gaining some benefits. Your income will improve during this phase and thus you will no longer worry about your savings and expenses. Married people will have the full support of their spouse and will have a great time. However, there will be some steady increase in expenditure and therefore, you are advised to pay attention to the same.



The Virgo transit in Leo will take place in the ninth house of your horoscope. People belonging to this zodiac sign are advised to stay cautious and avoid speaking unnecessarily. There can be a time when you and your father may end up having a conflict and this can affect your home's environment. Not only this, you may end up debating with your teacher for minor issues. Therefore, you are advised to control your aggressiveness and have patience. For married natives, this is a time when they may spend a good time together. Apart from this, you need to take care of your health and diet.



People belonging to this zodiac sign will host the transit in the eighth house of their horoscope. Parents will be worried about their children, throughout this phase. They will be on their toes to see what their children are up to and if they are into a good company or not. Working professionals may face some problems in their workplace. They may find themselves surrounded by some unnecessary problems and stress. Seeking the advice of elders and experienced people will help them to a great extent. This will in return affect their mental health. On the financial front, these people won't incur any problem as such.



People belonging to this zodiac signs will host the transit in the seventh house of their horoscope. This is the time when you will receive complete the support from your spouse. Though there can be times when you and your partner may go through some tiff, things will eventually turn out to be good. In fact, your luck too will turn in your favour. Those who are into business may have a fruitful time and will incur many benefits throughout this time. Many of their projects will yield unexpected results. Working professionals too may put more and more effort to achieve their goals. However, there will be some increased expenses and paying attention to the same will help.



The Virgo transit in Leo will take place in the sixth house of your horoscope. Since this house symbolises enemies, debts, opponents and debates, you need to stay careful. Working professionals need to stay careful at their workplace and try to focus more and more on their work. Your opponents may plan something against you and therefore, you are advised to stay careful. If somebody tries to provoke you, then instead of reacting to the same, you can deal with the matter in a mature way. You can also seek the help of your trusted friend or any senior.
Your health may decline during this time period and therefore, you are advised to take healthy diets and visit a doctor, if needed. You are advised not to consume any junk food and consume homemade food. In addition to this, these people need to control their aggression and be careful while speaking.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 17:00 [IST]