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Venus Transit In Gemini 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Sign

As per the Vedic astrology, Venus is considered to be an alluring planet. It denotes beauty, charm, love, romance, marriage, relationships, prosperity, luxuries and pleasure. Venus belongs to the water element. Therefore, the transit of Venus often brings a free-flowing attitude in natives belonging to different signs.

This year Venus will be transiting in Gemini on 28 May 2021. The planet is believed to be high in Pisces and malefic in Virgo. The transit will be affecting different people's lives in different ways. Today we are here to talk about the same. Scroll down to read more.



As per the Vedic astrology, whenever Venus transits to get a position in Aries, it brings energy and passion to the natives. Venus is considered to be a free-flowing water element and when it combines with Aries which happens to be a fire element, electrifying results are generated. The transit will fill the natives with positive energies to accomplish any work they put their hands into. The transit will make you feel so energetic that you will socialise with people around you and have fun with them. During this transit, you may remain impatient. Your partner may find you a bit demanding. Not only this, you will have the inquisitiveness to be a part of something which is both thrilling and adventurous.

The transit will bring out the artistic skills in you. You will be painting the canvas of your life. During this transit, you may pamper yourself and develop new hobbies. People who are into jewellery making, tourism, travelling and manufacturing luxury products will have a better and improved financial condition. Students pursuing media, fine arts, hospitality and drama will be having a favourable time. For married couples, the transit will bring marital bliss.

Remedy: Natives can offer raw rice to Goddess Parvati on Fridays.



Venus is believed to be the ruler of Taurus moon sign. Therefore, the position of Venus in the horoscope of these natives seems to be in a favourable and comfortable position. During this transit, you will be highly affectionate and loyal towards your partner. At times, you may get possessive of your partner. The transit may instil a fear of financial security in you. You may find it difficult to deal with even small financial losses. During this transit, you will stop yourself from spending lavishly. You will believe in saving your money and avoid spending on materialistic comforts and luxuries.

There could be times when you may find yourself having a feeling of jealousy. Though you have a charming and sweet personality, there could be times when you may become greedy and this can create numerous problems in your life. However, during this transit, you will become an excellent listener and will be listening to what others have to say. In addition to being a good listener, you will also be able to express your feelings in a better way. You won't be hiding your feelings. During this period, you will be trying various cuisines to satisfy your cravings and taste buds.

Remedy: Reading the legends of Lord Parshuram can be beneficial for you.



Gemini is believed to be the air element and when it meets Venus which is a water element, the natives have a dynamic and charming personality. The natives will be able to learn more and more things. They will be sharing their knowledge with others. The natives will be able to attract people around them with the help of their wit, intelligence and happy disposition. This will enable you to expand your social circle. During the course of time, you will learn how to express yourself through your creativity. You may try to seek something to change your monotonous life.

During this transit, you may act childish, stubborn and impatient. You may seek attention from others and you may get the same but that would be for only a short span of time. You may be inclined towards spending money on affording the luxuries of life. This can disturb your finances to a great extent. During this phase, you may have some commitment issues as you may not want to tie yourself to one relationship. You will be inclined towards the field of arts and you will succeed in the same.

Remedy: Natives should offer white flowers to Goddess Sarawati on Fridays.



The transit of Venus in Gemini will make the natives of Cancer moon sign, highly sensitive towards little things and most importantly, their feelings. The natives will have compassion and empathy in their behaviour. During this transit, you may not be looking for flings. You may want to be in a full-fledged relationship and look for long-term commitment. Though you may seem to be extremely tough, when it comes to your heart, you will be soft and gentle. During this transit, you will be caring for your partner like anything. You won't forget people who try to hurt you, though you may forgive them.

During this transit, you will be highly loyal to your friends. Not only this, you may take a stand for them, whenever needed. This may make you over-possessive and overprotective for your near and dear ones. While you are making any career or work related decisions, make sure you analyse all the short-comings and gains it could bring to you. During this transit, pay more attention towards your mental health. For this, you can do yoga and meditation as these will keep you patient and calm. In case you are working in the field of art and beauty, you will be gaining success.

Remedy: The natives should try drinking lemon water on an empty stomach every morning to stay from any health-related issues.



For people born under the effect of the Leo moon sign, the Venus transit in Gemini will make their love life dramatic. The partners of these natives will treat them in a better way. The natives will become highly expressive, generous and affectionate during this transit. However, the love life of these natives will become unpredictable. But there could be times when these natives will be full of pride and ego. They may try to seek attention in everything they do. But the natives need to leave behind this trait as this may hurt their sentiments.

The natives will be receiving huge appreciations from people around them. Those who have recently gone through a breakup, may find it difficult to come out of it. They may also find it uncomfortable and uneasy to get into any new relationship. The natives will be friends with those who love to have fun. The natives may seek encouragement and show-off. Due to this, they may spend a lot on furnishing, shopping, buying accessories and gadgets. Before buying these things, they may not even care about their expenses. The natives will be presenting gifts to their loved ones. They are advised to avoid stepping into gambling else this may cause them harm in many ways.

Remedy: You should try keeping a rose quartz crystal in the south direction of your bedroom.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the Venus transit in Gemini will make them a bit judgemental. They may leave behind their flirtatious side and get inclined towards critical analysis. They may analyse various situations and feelings. During this transit, you will be highly committed towards your partner. You will be putting more and more effort into your relationship. You may become highly sensitive and insecure in your relationship during this transit. however, you will become a good listener. You will be hearing and understanding what people have to say. At times, you may give positive and constructive criticism. As always, show-offs will be a huge turn-off for you.

During this transit, you will be preferring your personal space and won't like anyone trying to invade your personal space. You may find it annoying when someone causes disturbance while you are doing something. You will be expressing your love for your partner through various ways. You may often plan surprises for him/her. You may spend money wisely and won't spend money in affording an extravagant lifestyle. Married natives will be doing things to keep the spark alive in their marriage. The natives will be quite polite and well-mannered during this transit. During the entire transit, the natives will try their best to be well-dressed and organised depending upon the occasion. Most of the natives won't be fooled easily as they would master the art of judging people's character. Natives need to keep themselves healthy by having a proper and balanced diet. Exercising on a daily basis can help them in maintaining a good lifestyle.

Remedy: Chant Beej Mantra 108 times a day.



The transit of Venus in the horoscope of Libra natives, makes them easy to approach. During this transit, the natives will be full of satisfaction. They will be treating everyone with equal respect. They will try their best not to say anything harsh and hurtful to people around them. Those who are into any love relationship, will waste no time in committing to their partner. In fact, they will be enjoying each and every moment spent with their partner. In fact, they will try their best in making their partner feel special. For this, they may decorate their place for their partner with some candles, fairy lights, flowers and much more.

During this transit, you will be witty and focusing on your personal life. On the professional front, you will be taking things easy and trying your best in generating good results. During this transit, you may get attracted to intelligent and good looking people. Your friends will start taking your suggestions into account. You will also develop empathy and affection for others. Married natives will try to live happily ever after and will try everything they can.

Remedy: Keep a square piece of silver in your wallet.



The planet of Love is tested underwater in a deep secretive sign of Scorpio headed by the planet Mars. As per Venus 2021 Transit forecast, your emotions will be intense and you will be a passionate individual in this phase. Relationships will be the heart of your life during this period and you will be unearthing your soul connections. You are advised not to be over-possessive with your dear ones, as this might drift their attention away from you. At work you will give your heart and soul and use all your resources efficiently, you will take a keen interest in your tasks and achieve success in your endeavours.

You may also face some office politics, which will troll over your mind. You are advised to go easy in your professional life else you will be over-boarded with immense pressure and distorted peace of mind. Your intuition will be sparkling, therefore you are advised to listen to your gut for any solutions in personal as well as professional life. You may witness some mood swings and emotional sensitivity during this transit on Venus. It will be an auspicious one for the natives whose moon signs are Cancer, Pisces and Taurus.

Remedy: Feed black cow everyday.



Venus in this fiery sign headed by Jupiter is adventurous. You will be loaded with excitement and enthusiasm in this phase as per Venus Transit Predictions 2021. You will be passionate about your short term goals, dreams and will go to any extent to fulfill them. The social circle will expand and you will be outstanding in maintaining good relations with friends and acquaintances. You will be in the spotlights among the people surrounding you and will enjoy chatting, cracking jokes and riddles. If in a relationship, you will give a lot of space and comfort to your better, which will help your bond grow stronger.

Your commitment plane will grow, therefore you will look for more sustainable bonds during this period. You will take a keen interest in decorating your house, also you will try to explore new ideas and ways of enhancing the places around you. Those who are into teaching or acting profession will have a great time since you will be able to hold the attention of people or students with your impressive personality and jovial attitude. You will witness a phase of financial abundance, as there would be substantial growth in your income and you will be able to organise your funds well. Those who are born under moon sign Leo, Aries and Pisces will have a favourable time.

Remedy: Consume aniseed every day for getting the best results of Venus.



The soft, delicate planet will be in the tough and hard-working earthy sign of Capricorn ruled by the planet Saturn. You will be sincere towards your connections and will expect a strong commitment from your partner. If in a relationship, this time will be slow, dull and monotonous, your dear one may find it difficult to cope up with your tough thoughts.

The married natives may face some cold blows in their relationship as per Venus Transit 2021 Forecast, therefore you are advised to spend some time aloof with your spouse for understanding their interests and uplifting their moods. Professionally you will be too inclined to your work, you will treat it as your place of worship and will be occupied with work day and night. You will get good results of your laborious work. Also, you will be able to finish your tasks which were on hold in the past. You may have a feeling of solitude despite good ambience around you, however, you will attract the opposite sex with your strong looks and tough attitude.

Those who head their own business will be too ambitious and goal-oriented during this period, which will enhance their potential and they will gain overall success in their respective industry. This transit will be beneficial for Taurus, Gemini and Libra natives.

Remedy: Wear good quality Opal in your ring finger.



As per the 2021 Venus Transit, the misty Venus will be in the futuristic airy sign of Aquarius governed by Saturn. You will be up with your creative ideas and thoughts during this time. You will be innovative and will try to explore new avenues in your personal as well as professional life. You may face some challenges in your love life, which may bring some detachment. The married natives will face some distance from their partners due to the work schedules, however, you will try different ways of dating and convincing your spouse. You will be socially active and make new friends.

The business entrepreneurs will have a favourable period since you will be on toes launching new strategies, policies and marketing techniques which will be a good pump up your business and it will generate handsome earnings. This is a great time to start some new ventures, as you will be able to capture the prospective market with your ingenious approach. The working professionals will gain some recognition in their organisation due to your intellectual and quick ways of working. This transit will be fruitful for Aries, Taurus and Capricorn natives.

Remedy: Give gifts and fragrances to your partner.



Transit 2021 Predictions say that when Venus will be in Pisces, in a love relationship, you will be very idealistic and you will have a lot of expectations from your partner as well. You will love unconditionally, and can easily forgive which will be your biggest virtues. You will be compassionate towards others and extremely caring towards your dear ones. You will be very romantic and you would like to watch romantic movies, poetry, and related artwork. You will believe in the act of giving and will find happy moments in helping the ones in need. You will be very gentle and will always try to fit with your loved ones by adapting yourself according to them.

You will always be standing with your friends when in need. You will listen to them carefully and will be empathetic towards them. Your partner can sometimes find it maddening that your sympathy is not just towards them but towards mankind itself. People will get influenced with what you say, and the same will also bring fame to you. You will use your emotions instead of practicality at your work, you are advised to take suggestions from your subordinate or friends before making any confined decisions in your professional life. This transit will be favourable for Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Remedy: Recite Durga Chalisa on Fridays.

Story first published: Thursday, May 27, 2021, 17:30 [IST]