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Sun Transit In Cancer 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit In Cancer will take place on 16 July 2021. The transit will bring some major transformations into the lives of these natives.

Since the Sun constitutes the soul energy of people and is considered to be the crown head of the entire celestial cabinet, the sun is moving from the air sign. This means that the natives may have some impact on their emotions as well. The transit will take place at 16:41 PM on 16 July 2021 and will stay till 01:05 am on 17 August 2021. After that the sun will move towards the Leo moon sign. Today we are here with to tell in what ways the transit will affect the lives of the natives.



For the people belonging to the Aries moon sign, the transit will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope. This transit will impact the domestic lives of Aries native. The natives may have some confusion while making decisions related to family matters. The heart and mind of these natives will be full of rebel thoughts and emotions. Theri thoughts and opinions may not match their emotions. During this phase, the natives may earn huge favours in terms of property and cashes from their ancestral property.

The social status of these natives will improve during this period. They will gain name and fame in their society and community. The natives may find their mothers being too bossy and aggressive during this transit. This may disrupt peace among their kins. Students preparing for competitive exams will may have lack of confidence and confusions during this phase. People working in the government sector will be having a favourable and great time. Natives trying hard to find a government job will get a success. Natives need to take care of their health else they may suffer from some digestive and congestion issues during this transit.



The Sun transit in Cancer will take place in the third house of their horoscope. The natives will be chirpy and energetic during this period. They will be strong and determined in performing all their endeavours. They may go on some short trips with their friends and acquaintances. They will be working diligently at their work place. They may put their heart and soul in the work to accomplish their goals and tasks. During this time, the natives will get full assistance from their family members and siblings at their work place. This will bring favourable results for the natives.

Natives who are into sports will perform well and will set up milestones in their matches. Students planning to move away from their native place for job and study purpose will achieve success. Working professionals may relocate to different places during this transit. They may switch their job during this period. People planning on to transfer to some other place in a hope to find suitable income, will have success in the same. The natives will be inclined towards spirituality during this transit. They will be engaging in some charity work as well.



For people belonging to the Gemini moon sign, the transit will take place in the second house of their horoscope. They house represents speech, finances and immediate family members. In terms of monetary gains, this is going to be a favourable period. The natives will receive huge support and financial aids from their siblings. This will improve their finances. The natives may feel that their entire energy is drained out during this time. They need to exercises and increase the intake of healthy meals.

The natives may engage in some confrontations at their home. This may result in some ego clashes with near and dear ones. The natives need to be particular in terms of their articualtion. Their could be times when the natives may have some rudeness in their words. This may worsen the situation at their work place which may lead to debate, fights and disturbances. Due to some emotional imbalances, the natives may feel a bit gloomy. However, they may share their emotions and sentiments with their companions and trustworthy people. People who are into government services may expect some gains. They may have some cash from their organisation during this period. Students will be having a good command over their subjects and this improve their understanding about different concepts.



For Cancer natives, the sun will be moving into the first house of their horoscope. The natives may be overwhelmed due their thoughts. They may experience a constant push to increase their resources and make more money by using all the possible means. Their could be times, when the natives may be arrogant and impatient and arrogant during the transit. This can lead to some problems in managing public dealings. On the personal front, the natives would be unsatisfied and shadowy. They may have a lack of support and cooperation from their family. Natives who are into high post jobs will be having a beneficial time during this transit. This way their earnings will improve. Natives trying to elevate their position in their profession will gain success.

The business professionals will be having a favourable period during this transit. They may have a good command over their work. For people, who want to make important decisions will be making fair commitments. Some natives may face eye problems during this transit.



The Sun transit in Cancer will be taking place in the twelfth house of the horoscope of Leo natives. The house represents losses and expenditures. During this transit, the natives will be a bit emotional. The natives will be listening to people's problems and would try their best to resolve the same. The natives will be inclined towards spirituality and will spend most of their time in religious activities. The natives will be having opportunities for long-distance travel. They may also have multiple-travel plans during this transit. The natives are advised to avoid doing things that may create problems in their near future. They will be pampering themselves by purchasing luxurious items.

Those who are into business, need to stay cautious else they may incur losses. People who are earning from foreign and overseas clients will be having good gains and success in their business. People who are working in some multinational companies will be enjoying a favourable time. They may get some good clients and will make some beneficial deals. The enemies of these natives may overpower during this transit. This may cause some anxiety and stress to these natives. They need to take care of their father during this transit as he may face some health issues during the transit.



For people belonging to the Virgo moon sign, the transit will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. The house represents gains and the position of sun in this house is considered highly auspicious. During this time, the natives will be having financial abundance, especially if they are into business related overseas companies and/or foreign lands. The natives will be spending a lot on their extended family and friends during this transit. The natives will make strong connections with some authorities. Their influence will assist and help them people and their influence will assist you at the work front as well as in your personal affairs. Their influence will enhance your status and reputation in society.

You will be fickle-minded during this period and find it difficult to make concrete statements or come to a conclusion in any particular situation. The government employees, especially the public servants or politicians will have a favourable time since you will get a good socio-political environment. You may face some concerns due to the ill-health of your offsprings during this period. Also, you will be prone to some digestive issues, gastritis, acidity and bloating. In lieu of the same, you are advised to be cautious about your eating habits and avoid too hot or spiced up meals.



The sun transit in cancer will take place in the tenth house of the horoscope of these natives. The tenth house of these natives represents gains, income, karma, profession and expenditures. For the natives, this will be a favourable and auspicious time. They will be quite quick and determined in running all your projects. This will bring huge name and fame for these people at their work place. People who are into business will be having a favourable period during this transit. They may make their own monopoly during this transit in their respective industry. They may also introduce their own marketing techniques.

Natives who are looking for government job may have some luck during this period. Administrative personnel may recieve promotion and appreciation from their top management. The natives will be recieving favours and support from their father, especially if their father is working. Even though these natives will be in a good materialistic comfort, their peace of mind may get disrupt. They will be doing charity, kindness and religious activities during the entire transit. They will be helping the underprivileged people. This will help them in earning name and fame in the society.



For people belonging to the Scorpio moon sign, the Sun transit in Cancer will take place in the ninth house of their horoscope. The house represents scriptures and religion of these natives. During this time, the natives will be quite fortunate as they will be accomplishing their tasks without any hardships and struggle. The natives's relationship with their father will improve during this transit. They will receive assistance from their father in accomplishing their goals. They will be going on some short trips with their parents to some religious destinations.

They will be inclined towards religious practises and scriptures. They may learn traditional ways of performing puja and listening to the mythological stories. Natives who are into educational sector, consultation services and teaching profession will be flourishing during this transit. The natives will be quite popular. People will be following their words and would respect their opinions on various things.



The ninth house lord Sun will be in the eighth house of enigma and inconsistency. This will hamper your stroke of luck and auspiciousness. You will have to troll yourself and put loads of effort in order to accomplish any task. Also, you may face a number of obstacles in your work. This period will be beneficial for those whose business is of speculative nature, as your earnings will be good. The research students will have a productive period, their inclination and concentration will improve and they will gain a good command over their subjects.

You may face some eye troubles, heat strokes and alopecia. You are advised to consult a specialist, since any kind of carelessness may result in major problems. Also, you will be prone to some anxiety issues and insecurities pertaining to your relationships. Your temperament will be high and you will be impatient. Therefore, those who are employed will find it difficult to work under any kind of supervision or business around. This period is commending for the natives who are planning to move away from their native place for education or work. The government employees who are looking forward to transfer will get some good news since your change of place is on the cards.

Remedy- Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.



The eighth house lord Sun will be in the seventh house of partnership and marriage. This may bring some disturbances in your married life, you may have frequent fights and communication lapses with your better half. Those who are into any kind of association professionally need to be cautious, as you may be deceived by your partner during this period. The natives who are working in petroleum, mining or any other energy fields will get achievements. Also, people who are looking forward to contractual income and the government tenders will find some luck.

This period is not favourable for singles who are looking forward to getting married, since you will not get genuine proposals complementing your profile. The natives who are engaged and enjoying their courtship period should be careful since a small misunderstanding can lead to confrontation and the break up of relationships. Your relationships with your father may deteriorate and you will find him guilty for the same. If your father is working, then this period will be a low tide in his profession. You may be a bit frustrated in your personal life and that will lead to irritability, mood swings and arrogance.

Remedy- Donate 1.25 metres of red cloth in the temple on Sundays.



The seventh house lord of marital bliss and partnerships will be in the sixth house of fights, diseases and competition. This period will not be overwhelming for your married life, since your wife may fall ill during this time. Also, you may have some distance with your spouse, due to travel plans of either of you or an emotional separation, due to the major fights and confrontation. Those who are working in a partnership business are advised to be extra cautious, as you may face some legal issues in your business or have clashes with your co-associates which will hamper your dealings.

The natives who are in litigation will have a favourable period. You will be headstrong during this time and win over all your enemies and competitors, they will not be able to overpower you. If suffering from any disease, then this period will bring bright chances of on dot diagnoses and recovery. The people looking for a job will have a favourable period since you will get a number of opportunities and you will be able to crack one of the interviews. There are possibilities for travel related to work in this period.

Remedy- Keep a rose quartz crystal in the south direction of your bedroom



The competitive strength of the sixth house comes to the fifth house of education for the Piscean students. As the Sun will be transiting in your fifth house, it is favourable for those who are battling with the examination and facing cut-throat competition. You will have a command in your subjects and will give outstanding performance in your tests. The natives planning to apply overseas should try during this time, as it has the potential to give you the desired results. Also, this period will be auspicious for medical students.

Those who are in love may have a tough face, you may get into intense fights with your dear ones and land up breaking your relationship. Therefore, you are advised to be calm and avoid getting into fights with your partner, in order to safeguard your bond. Business entrepreneurs may face some financial troubles during this period, however, you are advised to avoid borrowing money from the market this time. Since you may get into high debts, which will be difficult to pay back. You are also advised to take care of your health, as you will be prone to stomach and digestive issues during these days.

Remedy- Donate yellow gram dal in the temple on Thursdays.

Story first published: Thursday, July 15, 2021, 18:51 [IST]