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Relationship Problems That Cancerians Might Face


Astrology can predict a lot about a person, from his career to his marriage to his behaviour as well. Similarly, relationship problems can also be predicted on the basis of the zodiac sign of a person. Among all the zodiac signs, Cancerians seem the most emotional and tend to develop close bonds soon with people. They are loyal and try all they can in order to make the relationship a long-term success.

The stars that we were born under lead and thus determine our choice patterns and behaviours. However, there are problems that come in everybody's life. Here are the problems that Cancerians generally face when it comes to relationships.


The Constant Need To Feel Loved

While you are a loving person and never let friends feel ignored, you demand a partner who shows you an equal amount of love constantly. Probably, love and a loving partner is the most needed thing of your life. When the other person does not give that love to you, you feel you are not getting what you need, and things might get strained and bitter. Thus, you feel a constant need to be loved.

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Fear Of Your Partner Leaving You

You most often feel that your partner might leave you alone some day. You lack that feeling of being secure, which is required in every relationship to become successful. One reason for it can be the lack of proper communication between both of you.

These things might cause issues to arise between you both. Excessive possessiveness for your beloved might be another reason, or it can be trust issues. Resolving issues or breaking from a strained relationship, both the options would be better than continuing with the futile efforts.


Excess Of Attention Might Suffocate You As Well

Well, it is not just the lack of attention which might take away that smile from your face. Even an excess of attention might suffocate you and you might start experiencing a lack of freedom as well. Thus, maintaining a balanced relationship might also become a problem for you. While the fear of your partner having one foot out of the door haunts you, you do not like it either when the attention from the beloved exceeds and overpowers such fears of yours. Hence, you feel suffocated due to too much love.

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Your Idea Of Love

The idea of staying in a single relationship for a lifetime and spending your entire life with the person whom you have known for years fills your heart with the beauty of "happy forever" love life. On the other hand, the idea of experimenting with different partners and exploring the idea of love also fascinates you equally. Thus your heart keeps hanging between the two extreme yet attractive ways of living a life.


Your Future Plans Do Not Seem To Materialize

You do love the idea of getting married, staying in an own house and then having kids to look after, just as your parents have done. However, your right time for all this never seems to arrive. You sometimes lack a clarity about such future plans, though it can easily be resolved through mutual discussion.

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