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October 2022: Lucky And Unlucky Zodiac Signs This Month

October is almost here and this month spells excitement with six planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. ) going in a retrograde motion the beginning of this month. We can expect a fiery display and interaction of emotions in relationships.

Venus entering Sagittarius on 07 October will make us more adventurous and very likely to take risks with respect to relationships which means that you will be taking gingerly steps in the matters of heart.

After October 9, we can hope to have some clarity over issues of financial nature. Saturn's direct retrograde move will put some people back to thinking mode and helps them reevaluate their choices and commitments. As Mars cruises into Scorpio on 30 October, certain people will certainly receive the much-needed strength and energy boost. Some signs are not so lucky this time, and some of them will really hit the jackpot. Wheel of Luck travels in circles and those facing the lows would be able to look up when the wheel of fortune makes a move upwards.

Top Three Unlucky Zodiac Signs In October 2022


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

You have to keep your nose to the grindstone as October marks a very busy period for you. You will be in the thick of projects and activities and caught in this whirlwind 24/7. To fuel it, fresh new burdens at job will be added for you to carry, it is time you contemplated about the lost balance between work and life. Shifting jobs will also be a thought that will pass you by.

Firstly, you will be expected to reevaluate your spending patterns. Unnecessary expenditure should be curbed, which is the duty of the hour for you.

During the middle of the month, Saturn moving in a retrograde direction will reiterate the need for economizing with respect to finances. If ignored, the debts are most likely to spiral into unmanageable proportions. Check in detail the nature of your spending and see in which channels it is petering out.

This month, more than all other signs, you are being penalized heavily as your overspending impulses and unleashed shopping spree leave a hole in your wallet.


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

This month may drift backwards in terms of progress on the career front. Some setbacks are likely to put you to serious thought and contemplation about your moves and attitudes. Change should come from within you in order to bring the expected changes in your career. Everyone else around you is clearly uncomfortable with the way things are going in your life.

The watchword is about the comfort zone. Stay out of it, if you want things to improve. Change the way you approach for help, and ask certain trusted individuals in your life for advice.

Get creative, reinvent yourself and bear with a grin, the pains that hard work comes with. This seems to be the only avenue open and available for you to explore. When it comes to love, you need to listen to your heart as you have already grown tired and unable to focus on this matter. It is at the end of this month that your love equations will gradually progress into something meaningful. Give your time and inclination to your family members and enjoy the quality time. It is a great means of distraction from all that you have been through this month.


Leo: 23 July - 22 August

This is the time your self-confidence takes a downward dip as you will be on a comparing spree and constantly questioning your worth.

Career can show signs of going haywire as everything on this front looks disorganized and chaotic. Just be diligent and do not give in to any indiscretion. If you are active in your pursuit, that will kickstart the positive trends.

According to you, it may feel that others are intruding into your private space. But it is the positive and constructive interference and there is nothing unacceptable about it. Due to this, your fate/destiny is likely to take on a better course. On the arena of love, you will receive brickbats and hurt. As mistrust in people begins to grow, you will find yourself hindered and ill-equipped to face the dark patch, and new friendships as you will not be able to bounce back with grace.

Although you socialize a lot with a view to forgetting the pain, you are unable to unburden yourself from the remembrance that lingers all the time. Try to summon yourself up, remove the barriers that block your progress as this is a period where you need to show some serious attitude towards relationships.

A word of advice: This too shall pass, will be your mantra that will stand you in good stead. There are many solutions around the corner so wait for the cloud to clear away, work hard, accumulate good karma, and then wait patiently for the tables to turn in your favour.

Top 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs In October 2022

These three zodiac signs enjoy constant support from the stars and hence enjoy better luck in business and all other aspects in October. When, due to the presence of five retrograde planets, most sun signs are courting trouble, the signs that enjoy a spate of good luck during these tough hours are Aries, Cancer and Virgo.


Aries: 21 March - 19 April

October is a lucky month for you as it ushers in the element of prosperity in your life. At work, the plans drawn may fizzle out and surprise you with their untoward outcomes. But they will surely put you to thought and give you fresh perspectives on the matter.

Responsible positions will be given to you, and you will be trusted to carry them out to success. Your decisions will impact your life and that of your team in a big way. Love life opens new relationship prospects and singles find their soul match. All you need to do is to smile and be prepared to wait.


Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

Cancer is also in the list of the smooth sailing signs. Conflict at work and difficult public relationships will ease out to provide you comfort and calm. Pluto's retrograde movement shows that the closest relationships will undergo a change much to your discomfort. Stay calm and plod your way through. Your emotional side does not take a beating though, but do not panic and make your partner the scapegoat for your failures.

Be positive is your mantra as your perceptive abilities will be called into play for major part of the time. You can make intuitive judgments that can support your business ventures, and this will also be helped due to your friendly interaction with business partners. These will also keep the income flowing.


Virgo: 23 August - 22 September

Can you stumble upon a pot of luck this time? Yes, you are in for it. Your career will scale to new heights and your ability to reinvent yourself and your lifestyle and the way you present yourself would go a long way in fast forwarding your career. You are always ready to forgive past mistakes of others.

However, you have remained complacent for a long time and feeling at peace with no significant changes to unsettle you. Your stark honest attitude and readiness to let go of everything for your partner in your relationships will leave you feeling betrayed. When you forgive, you will gain the love of the rest of them around you. But in your case, it is easy to forgive but difficult to accept them back into your life.

You are on a shopping spree, but you see that you splurge within limits and even after spending a lot, your wallet does not feel light and airy.

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