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Zodiac Signs Known To Be The Most Cruel


No doubt, the world is full of diversities. This diversity is reflected not just in the various life forms but also in the various ethnicities, races, etc. and at other such levels. It is also reflected in the way we humans have different personalities. Kind, sensitive, nerdy, boring, cruel etc. all these qualities come out depending on the situation we have to deal with. However, the proportion of some of these qualities might be comparatively more in some zodiac signs.

The best way to know about a person's personality is by finding out his zodiac sign. One's astrological sign is a mirror of his personality. Here, we discuss cruelty as an element of our behaviour. Read below the list of the five most cruel zodiac signs. Take a look.

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The fire sign Aries is especially known for their anger. Kind-hearted and passionate lovers, they take almost no time to become furious when irritated by your actions. Whether the mistake you made was intended or unintended, you would not find much difference in the way they pay back. Their words are what they lose their control over and show their anger through. And the good thing is that they are quick enough to forget all that happened between you both, once they have released their anger burst. But beware of their mean words.

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Yes, you read it right. While the preconceived notion is that Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive zodiac sign, they might turn cruel as well, provided they start hating you. They might only give a confused reaction feeling hurt when you hurt them for the first time, but once they start believing you are not their true friend, they will play with your dignity using their talents in sarcasm. The fire of revenge does not blow off so easily from their hearts. What works more in their favour is that they are good at guessing your weaknesses. Hence, they might humiliate you consistently, and not forgive easily.



A Capricorn would not disturb you easily as the career-conscious sign is busy in their own lives. However, when out of order on an issue, they might end up forgetting their limits and take to all the harshness more than necessary in order to deal with the one they are angry with. Hence, it is better you mind their own business and do not mess with them.

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A popular sign, Leos also take to using sarcasm for insulting you just like the Cancer sign. The only difference being that while the sensitive Cancer might still hold some fear in their hearts and keep away from extreme situations, the Leos are calculative players. They find easy targets and attack, just as a lion does, thus also using their dominating nature as a strong tool.

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Scorpios are also one on the list. No doubt, Scorpios are a mix of all behaviours. And they are equally present there when it comes to being cruel. Once they are angry with you, they would not think the least of your dignity and insult you on your face. They might hold no empathy for the people they hurt. At such times, they might even target your motives and values too. Probably, this is the reason why not every Scorpio is liked by all. However, there are moments when their love and care for some might also overflow.

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