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These Are The Most Competitive Zodiac Signs


Astrology is the science of predictions based on the planetary positions during and after the birth of an individual. From the minutest to the biggest things and secrets, astrology can be used to know a lot about a person. Thus, astrology can truly provide an insight into the personality of a person, for the one who believes in it. Apart from the predictions of love life, health, wealth and career, we can know a lot of other things as well. Such as, today we are going to study which are the most competitive zodiacs of the entire list. Read here.



An Arian is competitive about almost everything. And the most amazing thing is that while they will go around boasting about it almost everywhere, they get demotivated when they sometimes miss the mark, though it seldom happens. Full of energy and very active, Aries are known to be top competitors in everything, but they are serious only about certain specific things in life.

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The next comes a Leo. Displaying your ability to win is what motivates you to compete. You take to flaunting about it just the very next moment you win. Being somewhere behind in the line demoralises you and fails to feed your ego. Just as a lion, the sooner you kill the enemy, the more satisfied you feel. Almost nothing can control or rule your minds, you are your own ruler. Hence, you work with a calm and composed mind. And this is what takes you to the top.

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Scorpios get a bit complex here. They are super energetic, serious and go getters. They love living the life to the fullest. This is what motivates them to compete. However, they take things easy when the competition is with those whom they love. In such a case they would enjoy the participation and have fun. But when their beloveds are not involved, they wouldn't let anybody defeat them.

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Stubborn Capricorns, who love winning, know that they are the kings. All they want is others to know this. In short, we can also say that their life is made of competing and winning in almost every important thing. They bother the least about the things that do not matter to them. Unaffected by other's opinions, they always play only to win the game.

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It is difficult to predict it when an Aquarian is competing with you. Sometimes even an Aquarian himself does not notice when he becomes a part of the competition and realises it only when ignoring the competition takes them a level back. Secretly, they have a desire to be the best and perfect, and this desire puts them in the competition. But their aim behind winning is never a desire to showcase their talents by flaunting it. Winning just gives them satisfaction.

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