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May 2022: Lucky And Unlucky Zodiac Signs In This Month

Well, May is here and therefore, our curiosity is at its peak about how this month will be the zodiac signs. May reminds us of bright colours, rain showers and splash of sunshine. Everything seems to blossom and that is the beauty of this month. But, what we know as magical comes after a lot of hard work, resilience and special effort.

Therefore, braze yourself because there will be a lot happening in May and your life will be a roller coaster ride after which you not even recognize yourself. While some part of it will be extremely good, other parts will be full of confusion, secrets, denial and more. Scroll through the article to know which 3 zodiac signs are lucky and which 3 are unlucky in the month of May.


May 2022: Lucky Signs: Aries, Taurus, And Pisces

Aries: 21 March - 19 April

You will connect with yourself during this period and therefore, you will be able to dissect your strengths from your weakness. You will accept yourself and that is what will make you beautiful. There will be a lot of changes which will change you as a person.


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

You will take this time to heal yourself and close all the wounds. You will be on a journey to discover yourself and embrace your emotions in all walks of your life. You need to give yourself the permission to feel whatever you want to feel and then release all the burden. There will be love and clarity in your life and this will lead to so much growth.


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

You will enjoy every bit of your life and you will feel love and blessed. You will be confident and show your true potential whenever it is required. You need to express yourself more and open up and as a result more people will fall in love with you. You need to share your secrets instead of holding it back and creating a burden for yourself.


May 2022: Unlucky Signs: Leo, Scorpio, And Aquarius

Leo: 23 July - 22 August

You may feel suffocated during this time but don't be too harsh on yourself. You may also feel pressure to make the right move during this time. You have made a lot of sacrifices and therefore, you will be delightfully rewarded. You will be like a rock which can only form after high pressure and intense heat. Success will be yours even if it takes time.


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

Your relationships will grow and expand. Businessmen will know how to deal and cooperate with their partners on a deeper level. You will feel claustrophobic as you will have too much to handle. Learn to say no when you are not comfortable with something. You need to keep your priorities straight.


Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Your wrost thoughts will get activated in this month but you need to find the courage to walk on the shadows. Your imperfections will make you more strong, but this can also create chaos in your life. You don't need to hide your weakness from the world. You will be resilient throughout the month and in the end you will come across something beautiful.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 10:00 [IST]
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