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How Mauni Amavasya Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


Mauni Amavasya falls on the fifteenth day during the dark fortnight in the month of Magh. This year it will be observed on 4 February. It is one of the most auspicious days of the Hindu tradition. The day holds a great religious significance. Donating items of use to the poor and the needy brings good luck to the devotee. However, the new moon also affects the zodiac signs in various ways. Read here the effects of Mauni Amavasya 2019 on your zodiac sign.



Your hard work will bring good results. There are chances that you might win most debates. Your enemies will be defeated. Financial stability is also predicted.

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Your zodiac is being blessed by Jupiter or the lord of this planet, Brihaspati Dev. There are chances of monetary gains for you after the Mauni Amavasya.



You will achieve success on the professional front. All your tasks and projects will get accomplished. You will see an increase in power and effectiveness in the workplace.

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Cancerians might face problems while travelling. Hence, they are advised not to plan long travels. However, luck still being on your side, there are chances of monetary gains/promotion or an increment.



While Leos might be working hard now, they do not need to worry about the results as high chances of success in the near future are indicated.



For the Virgos also, the time is that of hard work. They need to keep investing time in the fulfilment of the dreams they want to be accomplished. The future holds good surprises and sufficient chances of success for you.



There are chances of monetary gains for you. While Mars is positioned in your favour, Moon will also bring benefits.



The time seems good for the Scorpios. The unemployed will have chances of getting a job, while those in business will also get new deals to work on.



You might get some new project in hand. With the chances of new responsibilities coming to you, there are high chances of monetary gains after this new moon, Mauni Amavasya.



While work has always been your priority, you might see time getting wasted because of petty matters. However, it would not affect your work life or personal life either. You will also win debates, if any.



While all other things would remain as usual for the water sign Aquarius, an increase in reputation and social prestige is indicated, and it is no small a gain.

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The position of Jupiter is in your favour. Hence, things on the educational and work front will remain favourable too. The position of the Moon will help increase financial stability and monetary gains. Health will also improve.

Story first published: Monday, February 4, 2019, 12:53 [IST]
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