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Mars Transit In Leo 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Sign

In the Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be a warrior planet. It represents dynamism and vitality. If placed well, the planet represents enthusiasm and youthful energy. It is also said that Mars is a passionate lover, and therefore, it infuses intensity and romance when placed properly in the house of love and relationships.

This year, Mars will transit in Leo at 05:21 on 20 July 2021. The transit will stay till 03:21 am on 6 September 2021. Today we are here to tell you about the effects of Mars transit in Leo. Scroll down the article to read more.



For Aries natives, Mars rules the first house representing self and the eighth house symbolising uncertainties of life. Since it rules the first house of these natives, the planet is considered vital for the antives. It affects their mood and daily life. During the Mars transit in Leo, the planet will be positioned in the fifth house of their horoscope. The house represents children, relationships and studies. The transit may lead to some stomach issues and burning sensation along with acidity. During the transit, the natives are advised to take better care of their health. They need to avoid eating spicy and junk food else they may end up having an upset stomach. While driving vehicles, the natives are supposed to stay cautious. This is because during this transit, the fourth aspect of Mars will be positioned in the eighth house of their horoscope and this may make them prone to accidents. Natives who are into romantic relationships need to be careful as their feelings for each other could be quite intense. There could be times when their feelings for each other may scare them. During this transit, the economic condition of these natives may be stable. For medical students, this is going to be a favourable period. Their passion towards their subjects will increase during this time.



For people belonging to the Taurus moon sign, the Mars transit in Leo will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope. The house represents happiness and family. However, Mars rules the seventh house representing associations and married life and the twelfth house representing expenditure and losses of these natives. The position of Mars in the fourth house of these natives may lead to some health concerns related to their mother. They are advised to take their mother for regular routine checkup and ensure that she takes her medicine on time. Those who are planning to invest money in any kind of property need to crack the deal carefully. The period is quite favourable for those who are willing to sell any property, can do the same. Married natives will be facing a big problem in their lives. They are advised to understand and stay calm to avoid any major fights in their married lives. Natives who are into engineering, medical, police or military services will be having a booming time. Their career will add strength and dynamism to their career. The work life of these natives will be quite good. The finances of these natives won't be balanced as they will be spending most of their earnings on security and health. The natives will be spending a lot on their business trips.



For people born under this moon sign, the Mars transit in Leo will be taking place in the third house of these natives. The third house represents valour, younger ones and strength. However, for these natives Mars rules the eleventh house representing gains, income and elder siblings. The planet also rules the sixth house of these natives representing debts, diseases and competitions. The position of Mars in the third house of these natives will prove to be quite beneficial as it will provide courage and power to the individual. Freshers looking for new jobs will be benefited during this transit. They will be getting good job opportunities during this transit. They will be able to bag the best job during this period. Natives looking forward to switching their jobs will be able to find a suitable option for themselves. Their dynamism and work skills will increase during this period and this will help them in clearing their individuals. People waiting for their transfer will be able to get some favourable news. The relationship of the natives with their younger siblings may not be as cordial. They may also end up having fights with them. During this transit, you will be able to make a friendly bond with new people. You may also go on some short trips during this transit.



People belonging to the Cancer moon sign will be hosting the Mars transit in Leo in the second house of their horoscope. However, for these natives, Mars rules the fifth house of their horoscope. During the transit, the natives are advised to watch their words before saying anything. They need to avoid being harsh and rude during this transit. Else this may lead to aggression from people around you. The anger of these natives may lead to some conflicts in their family. There could be instances when the natives may spoil their bond with their mothers. The transit will be quite favourable for students. They will be quite passionate and dedicated towards their subjects. Natives who are undergoing professional courses will be having a fruitful time. The natives can convert their interests and hobbies. The natives will be having several opportunities and projects to improve and sharpen their skills. People who are into family business will be having good earnings during this transit. The luck will favour these natives and they will achieve success in their endeavours.



The Mars transit in Leo will take place in the first house of the horoscope of these natives. The attitude of these natives will be full of confidence. However, the natives are advised to avoid being egoistic and over-confidence. During this transit, the natives will be having a strong will-power that will make things easier for the, especially if they are working in public dealing. The natives will prefer a royal and comfortable lifestyle during this transit. Natives who are in relationship will become bold and would want their partner to listen to them. However, they will also try to maintain an equal balance in the relationship so that their partner has their own say in the relationship. Natives who are married may face some misunderstanding with their partner. Therefore, they are advised to resolve these differences through proper and effective communication. The natives need to avoid being over-possessive. Instead, they should trust their partner even more. Natives who serve in some authoritative position like those in the government or administration sector will be having huge benefits during this transit.



For people belonging to the Virgo moon sign, the Mars transit in Leo will take place in the twelfth house of their horoscope. This transit may bring some mixed results for these natives. Natives who are into any job or business may expect high monetary gains. They may also gain from other sources. During this transit, these natives will gain fame in the society. However, there could be times when these natives may get over-stressed. Due to this, the natives may have sleepless nights. During this time, the natives may have some unexpected expenditure which will affect their financial status. Therefore, they are advised to manage their finances in a better manner. Those who are planning to settle abroad will find a suitable and favourable opportunity for the same. However, there could be times when they may struggle a lot. The natives need to be extra cautious during this time as they may meet with an accident or have any physical injury.



For people born under the effect of Libra moon sign, the Mars transit in Leo will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. During this transit, the planet Mars will give you enough strength and will. With the help of the strength and will, the natives will be able to overcome any challenging tasks assigned to them. This will also bring success to them. The natives will be highly successful in accumulating wealth and for this, they will also get support from their friends and family members. Athletes will be achieving heights during this transit.
The other natives will be spending money on buying household things. They may also spend some leisure time with their family members during this time. Natives who are into love and relationship during this transit, may get into some arguments or quarrel with their partner. They are advised to avoid getting into such situations. They need to focus on having peace and love in their relationship. Those who are looking forward to proposing their partner for marriage, can do the same as the time is quite favourable for these natives.



For people belonging to the Scorpio moon sign, the Mars transit in Leo will take place in the tenth house of their horoscope. The transit will bring huge success for natives who are looking forward to doing government jobs. They are advised to do things that are valid as per the rules and law. During this transit, the natives will get name and fame in their respective fields. The personality of these natives will be full of confidence and strength. People will acknowledge the management capabilities of these natives and will respect them for the same. People will obey and listen to the natives. Still, the natives are advised to avoid engaging in any kind of office politics, else this may hinder their growth at their workplace. The transit may affect the health of their mothers. Therefore, they are advised to take care of her and consult the doctor whenever needed. Married natives will be having a good time with their partner.



Mars rules the twelfth house of travel, dreams and fifth house of entertainment and recreation for sagittarius natives. It will be placed in the ninth house of fortune. You can expect some traveling in your court with this transit. You may go to some religious places or go on a pilgrimage organised by some groups or community. The scholars and teachers will have a favourable period, you will reach to a next level in your education stream. Also, those who are planning to go for higher education should utilise this period, as you will be lucky enough to get good grades and the college of your dreams. You may face some complexities in your relationship with your father and gurus during this time, you are advised to not have any heated up discussion or conversation with them. You may be interested in reading scriptures and mythological subjects during this transit period. You will get assistance from your younger siblings in completing your projects at college or workplace. Those who are in romantic relationships will share a warm bond with their partner, you will have a spark towards your dear one and feelings of love will be intense. You will plan to take your relationship to the next level and introduce your partner to your family.



Mars is in the exaltation in this sign of Capricorn, which implies that its transit brings some important changes in the lives of Capricorn natives. Mars is the Lord of the fourth house of domestic comforts and eleventh house of gains for Capricorns. And it will be moving in the eighth house during this transit. This placement of Mars is not very auspicious for personal health and comfort. In lieu of the same, you are advised to take good care of your health and be watchful while crossing roads or driving since you will be prone to accidents and incidents. If planning to buy any vehicle then delay it for now, as the time is not very favourable. You may face some crisis in your family or there may be some misunderstanding between the members. You should avoid getting into any kind of fights with family or outsiders, since it can take an intense toll and create violence. There may be a sudden gain in your income during this time. You should be careful while making new friends during this period, as they may be enemies under the cover of well wishers who may plot against you. Be secretive about your business plans and deals, since you will be watched by your competitors who are looking forward to stealing your ideas and earning handsome amounts out of the same.



Mars holds the lordship of the third house of courage, valour and tenth house of profession for the Aquarians. It will be transiting through the seventh house of partnerships, vocations and married life. The business entrepreneurs will flourish during this period, you will mark a good reputation in your respective industry and win over the hearts of potential customers. Thus, by all means there will be expansion in your resources and business will grow. Those who are in partnership firms will also work with fierce intensity and will be able to bag good orders, which will add onto their goodwill. You may also get help from your friend and acquaintances during this period, which will be adding on the feather to your hat. You may travel for work, these short journeys or trips will bring productive results in near future. The married natives are advised to be cautious, as you may face troubles in your married life.You are advised to keep calm and keep a check on your temperament, else you may enter into big issues and fights with your spouse. Overall you will be flowing with the energy and dynamism during this period, and will do all your tasks in no time.



During this time, the planet Mars will be positioned in the sixth house for the natives. This time will bring mixed results for you. You will be able to get success but with some struggle and hard work. If you are a teacher, or engineer, or mechanic, or some similar job, then the success will come easy to you. You may also see sometimes that you are not getting support from your colleagues, this might happen because you may ignore the self-respect of people. It is advised that you work as humanely as possibly, and avoid any unrealistic expectation. You will be strong at this time and you will be able to overcome your opponents. You may have to do some unexpected expenditures which might disbalance your finances. You will have to be careful about your health at this time as you may suffer from some disease related to bones, skin or eyes. In terms of family life, you may get into an argument with your brother, which you should sort out peacefully. If your brother is a government employee, then can get success at this time. You may not get support from your family at this time which can be hard for you.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 20, 2021, 17:45 [IST]