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Mercury Transit In Pisces 2021: How It Will Affect Different Zodiac Signs

Mercury is one of the significant planets as per the Vedic Astrology. The planet is said to be responsible for communication, analysis and a good sense of judgement. On 1 April 2021, it will be transiting into Pisces at 00:52 am. The transit will remain till 21:05 pm on 16 April 2021. The transit will be affecting the lives of different people in different ways.



For Aries Moon sign, the Mercury will transit through the twelfth house of your horoscope.You may face hardships and go through struggles in order to achieve promotion and growth at your workplace. Make sure you double check every information that you pass to your colleagues. This will help you in avoiding any kind of miscommunication and misunderstanding between you and your colleagues. Your competitors and rivals will be in search of opportunities to bring you down. Therefore, you are advised to avoid taking interest in useless talks. If possible, try to avoid any trips or journeys during this transit.

During this period, you need to take best care of your health. Eat healthy food and take adequate sleep else you may suffer from anxiety, insomnia and other hormone-related ailments. You also need to take care of your spouse during this transit as his/her health may get fragile and weak. Your siblings may have a great time during this phase. They may acquire good jobs and may get some opportunities from foreign countries. Those who are preparing for competitive exams, may achieve their desired results. You need to be consistent in your work and career. You need to work hard. You may experience an increase in your expenses during this period.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the Mercury transit in Pisces will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. The transit will bring benefits in your life. You will be having a great time during this transit. Your family members will become your support system and source of strength during the transit. This will help you in overcoming all the obstacles in an efficient manner.

You will be throwing parties and enjoying with your loved ones. You may do several things to strengthen your relationship with your siblings, cousins and family members. If you are single, you may come across a potential match. In case, you are in a committed relationship, there could be a few instances where you and your partner may develop some misunderstandings. But you need to resolve these differences and strengthen your relationship. You will be focusing on having open communication with your partner and putting more and more efforts into your relationship.

At your workplace, you may multi-task which in result would increase your value. Your colleagues and seniors may appreciate your hardwork and dedication towards your work. But it is advisable that you do not strive for being a perfectionist as this may create problems for you.

If you are into business, you may get some opportunities to expand your business and make more and more profits. You will be investing in new schemes and policies that would add to your savings. You will be meeting up new trends in the market to make the best profit. Businessmen are likely to get new opportunities to expand their business during this period.



During this transit, the Mercury will be transiting through the tenth house of your horoscope. The transit will bring some mixed results, especially those related to your profession. You may procrastinate things during this transit and this may make you develop the fear of making mistakes. There could be times when you may have confusion related to your professional life. Therefore, you are advised to practice strong decision making and realise your true potential.

During this entire transit, you need to take better care of your mother's health. There could be times when your mother may feel weak and she may undergo some health ailments. Negligence on her health can create difficulties for both you and your mother. You need to avoid carrying any construction related work in your house as this may lead to excessive wastage of time and your hard earned money. If you are planning to purchase any property, then make sure you read the documents properly and carry extensive research. Else this may lead to huge financial loss. You will be spending some good time with your family. You may plan a get-together or may go on a picnic with your family members.

Students need to increase their efforts and do more hard work. Only then, they will be able to achieve their academic goals.



For people born under the effect of this zodiac sign, the Cancer transit in Pisces will take place in the ninth house of their horoscope. During this transit, you may not have a cordial relationship with your siblings and cousins. You may end up getting irritated and annoyed by your siblings. But it is important that you spend some good time with them and listen to their problems. Going on trips and journeys during this transit is not at all advisable. Else you may end up having stress and worries. You may not be able to gain peace and happiness during this transit.

During this transit you may want to update your electronic gadgets and for which you may have to spend a good amount of money that may increase your expenses.

You may get a transfer that may not be as per your expectations. Your efforts may not yield desired results and this may make you feel demotivated. Your boss and/or seniors may not be pleased by what you do and they may ask you to do the work again. But you don't have to lose patience and hope. Things will surely get better in the end. Take things lightly as these problems will stay only for a short period of time. Also, focus on your work despite all the distractions.

You can invest your time and effort in your hobbies and this will help you in unleashing your hidden capabilities and potentials.



For Leo natives, the Mercury transit in Pisces will take place in the eighth house of their horoscope. The house represents speech, social status, profits, friends and changes. Therefore, the effect of the transit will be one the same. For some people, the incomes may take a dip. Those who are into business are advised to take things slowly or else they may incur heavy losses during this period. It is important to stay cautious during this transit and do not involve in trading anything which is unnecessary.

You are also advised to watch your speech. Make sure your humour doesn't hurt the other person and make him/her feel insulted. Make sure you keep a check on the kind of companionship you are into. You may end up spending more and more money on your friends and family members. You are advised to keep a check on your expenses and incomes. This way you may save yourself from any financial crisis.



The natives born under the effect of this sign will host the transit in the seventh house of their horoscope. The transit will have a great effect on people belonging to this zodiac sign.

During this transit, things will remain in your favour. You will be making profits and you may receive rewards at your workplace. You may also structure and organise things at your workplace. Your hard work and dedication towards work will pay off in the form of promotion and increment. Those who are into business, will remain action-oriented. They will be able crack good deals through exceptional negotiation and communication skills. However, there could be times when you may have doubts and confusions related to your decisions. Therefore work on your grey areas and keep improving yourself from time to time.

You will be able to strengthen your bond with your partner during this transit. Your partner will provide you full support and affection. Your partner will help you in having a steady growth in almost all areas related to your work and profession. You will be able to improve the relationship between you and your father.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the Mercury transit in Pisces will take place in the sixth house of your horoscope. The transit may bring some average results to you. During this transit, you need to put extra efforts in whatever you do. You may have to work for extra hours else there could be times when you may not get the credit of your hard work. You may come across several obstacles and problems in your path that may lead to worries and stress. Your income level may decrease during this transit and this may worry you to a great extent.

Your enemies may try to take advantage of your soft and mild behaviour. But you need to do something to avoid them from dominating you. Stay away from any heated and unnecessary arguments. There's no good in being a part of conflicts. During this transit, your expenditure may go high which may lead to financial disruption. However, you will be pleased to see your father gaining profits in terms of finance. If possible, avoid taking any kind of loan or debts. Make sure you do not take up more and more liabilities as this may cause anxiety and problems in your life.



For people belonging to this sign, the Mercury transit in Pisces will take place in the fifth house of their horoscope. The transit will yield good results for those who are willing to PhD or research related work. This is going to be a good period, if you are willing to switch jobs. You need to put aside your hesitation and throw yourself into open communication and team activity.

On the personal front, you may face some difficulties in expressing your true emotions and feelings for your partner. At times, you may be a person with a sweet and generous attitude while at other times, you may be someone who is egoistic and stubborn. This may lead to problems in your relationship and therefore you are advised to make sure you sort out all the misunderstandings in your relationship. You must not think that your partner doesn't understand you else this may cause a huge misunderstanding in your relationship. You are advised to be aware of your behaviour and attitude as this will reward your relationship like anything.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the transit will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope. These people are likely to receive promotions due from a long time. As a result, they may also have increment and appreciation at their workplace. The income of their spouses too may increase during this transit which may lead to better financial conditions. You and your beloved may argue on some trivial issues during this transit. It is better that you solve them, else things may turn nasty and ugly.

You will be gaining huge appreciation at your workplace. This will increase your confidence and self-esteem. If you are willing to invest in any business then this is the right time for the same. You will be gaining profits that will benefit you in the long run. Those who are willing to start new business, can do the same as the time is extremely favourable.



Capricorn natives will be hosting the transit in the third house of their horoscope. The transit will be affecting the house of communication, siblings and efforts. One should avoid taking long and debilitated journeys during this transit. Long journeys may not be beneficial for these people. However, you can go on short trips, if necessary. You need to take extra care of your siblings and help them where needed, especially in their academics and career. During this transit, make sure you listen to the advice of your mentors, seniors and well-wishers. This way you will be receiving better results during this transit. Make sure you are careful while posting anything on social media platforms else you may end up landing in problems.



For people belonging to the aquarius sign, the Mercury transit in Pisces will take place in the second house of their horoscope. The transit will bring mixed results for these people. The transit will bring new sources and opportunities of income for these people. Some people will have a huge profit. It would be no wrong to say that the period will bring a huge flow of income. These people will be receiving huge popularity and accolades. During this transit, you are advised to be clear and lucid with your words. Else you may confuse people around you, though unintentionally. You will be proud to see your children doing best in their career. Newly married couples can expect some good and awaited news during this transit. Those who are into committed relationships will get opportunities to strengthen their relationship and take it to the next level.



The transit of Mercury for pisces natives in their ascendant house, or house of personality will be special and significant as Mercury here is in its directional or "Digbala" strength, which is a very strong position for any planet to be in. This indicates that professionally, this period is a very good time frame to express yourself as you will be brimming with creative ideas and thoughts during this transit. This period also indicates success for your spouse and you both can achieve great results on the career front. However, as Mercury in ascendant can make you perfectionist and overcritical in nature, which may not go down well with your subordinates and peers. So, try to keep a check on your speech and choice of words before communicating with them. Businessmen are likely to gain good gains during this period, an elderly person or person of some high accordance in the family is likely to provide you with financial support, which will provide a good impetus to your business and help you to expand the operations. However, try to keep yourself abreast with the trends,as you sometimes tend to go easily in your comfort zone, leading to many missed opportunities. In terms of personal life, auspicious happenings and events are indicated for some of the natives born under the sign of the fish.

However, married couples may have some problems and differences in their relationships, but it will not be such, which cannot be resolved, so, try and communicate and eradicate all the differences mutually. As the fourth house is related to property, so, property and real estate matters have been prolonging, may get a move on during this transit. Your mother is also likely to receive benefits and profits during this period and may provide you with all her support and affection. Overall, a very good transit for Pisces natives, only you do not have to be perfectionist and over critical to ruin things.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 13:45 [IST]