Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius: 23 November - 22 December

According to your monthly horoscope, this month's predictions reveal that your health will be excellent throughout the month. You need to focus on maintaining your mental health for better fitness throughout the month.

Experts predict that you will face trouble in your family life. There is a possibility that you will be involved in a fight with your brother. As a result, this fight will increase the tension in the house. Hence, it is better to avoid any argument to keep the environment pleasant.

This month will be a little tough on you regarding money and finances. There will be very few chances that you would make any possible profits.

Even though you will be working hard to achieve your goals, you would hardly see any profits as expected or desired. On the other hand, a lot of unnecessary travel will just increase your frustration and discontentment.

You need to remember that you need to play safe throughout the month. Plan your expense well beforehand. Also, make sure that you do not put your savings in a new venture or create any new investment as this is not the right time for this. Instead, make sure you stay calm and keep a low profile.

As per your love predictions for the month, you will be disappointment a little on the love front as you will sort out some issues. To save your relationship, you need to have a proper and timely settlement for all your fights.

On the other hand, you will be surprised at your partner's kind and affectionate attitude. Remember, all that you need to do is try to end the year on a happy note.

Your overall monthly predictions reveal that this is going to be a promising month regarding your love relationships and health while your finance and other career prospects will be tougher.

Birth Dates Range: 21 Nov - 20 Dec
Zodiac Sign Grouping: Fire
Ruler Of The Zodiac Sign: Jupiter
Lucky Numbers: 6, 5, 3, and 8.
Best Days: Tuesday and Saturday.
Lucky Colours: Light blue, white, cream, and orange.



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