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Worship Trees To Remove Grah Dosha


Astrology says that the life of every individual depends on the stars that he or she was born under and the relative influence of the positioning of other stars and planets. This can be analysed by studying the birth chart.

There are both negative as well as positive influences that happen in the life of an individual. The negative effects are also known as the Grah Doshas. Various remedies are prescribed to lessen these effects and to pacify the planets. Various measures to please the lord of the planet can also be adopted.

One among these methods is that of the worshipping of the trees. It is believed that nature is the closest to God and man is the closest to nature. Another belief according to the holy scriptures is that God resides in every element and in every particle.

The Vedas and Puranas mention the worship of various plants and trees in order to please the gods. There are some trees which are particularly dear to the gods. It is believed that worshipping these is considered equivalent to worshipping a deity.

That is why offering prayers to the trees is considered to please the lords of the planets and hence reduce the negative effects. Today, we are here to share with you information on which tree you should worship based on the affecting planet. Take a look.


A weak Moon is responsible for problems such as low self esteem, inability to keep secrets, problems to mother, low confidence, lack of satisfaction, etc. The lord of Moon is Chandra Dev. Hence, the individual should try to please him. If the Moon in the birth chart of the individual is weak, he is advised to plant a tulsi (basil plant) and offer water and prayers to it every day.


Those with a weak Mercury suffer from financial instability, excessive expenses, skin problems, throat problems, problems to children, instability in professional life, etc. The lord of the planet is Budh Dev. It is advised that they should worship Goddess Durga. This individual should plant trees which do not bear fruits or flowers; or those trees which have green coloured small fruits can also be worshipped.


People who have a weak Mangal or Mars are often said to suffer from problems related to blood and liver and they get angry very easily. Either there is a delay in marriage or problems start arising after marriage. They should offer their prayers to Mangal Dev, who is the lord of the planet. One can improve a weak Mangal by planting big trees, which bear red flowers and fruits, and worshipping those trees.


If the Venus is weak, the person might attract bad people, might have problems related to skin, back pain, bent back, lethargy, and a life of fights and struggles. The lord of the planet is Shukra Dev, and in order to lessen the negative effects of the planet Venus, one should plant big trees which bear white flowers.


Sun is responsible for success and respect in the society. It gives confidence and leadership qualities. The lord of Sun is Surya Dev, as per Vedic astrology. To improve a weak Surya in the birth chart, the individual should worship big trees bearing red flowers.


As a result of a weak Brihaspati, the individual might face problems related to education. He might not be able to complete the education or be weak in studies. It is also believed that he might start detaching himself from religious and spiritual beliefs. As a remedy, the individual should offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. The lord of Jupiter is Brihaspati Dev. When the Jupiter is weak, the individual is advised to worship trees with yellow flowers and fruits.


When the planet Saturn is placed at such a position that it gives negative results, the individual faces struggles, and there are chances of problems in the stomach too. There might be a lack of wealth as well. The lord of the planet Saturn is Shani Dev, whom the individual must not forget to worship. For a weak Saturn in the birth chart, the person should offer prayers to the trees with black flowers and fruits.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 13:15 [IST]
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