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Remedial Measures In Astrology To Counter Different Problems In Life

Karma is a term in 'Sansktrit Language' that means 'action', 'work' or 'deed' means a 'moral justice system'. Most importantly, Karma is not to be confused with destiny. Karma is what we do and it is our actions or Karma that creates a destiny for us. Paramahamsa Ramakrishna and Paramahamsa Yogananda, the eminent seers have shed some light on this curious phenomenon.

To some extent pujas and accumulation of good karmas can eradicate the karma to about 75 percent but the remaining 25% must be suffered and done with. The karma can never be got rid of, completely by any means. It waits for the right time to bounce back into your life to show you how it feels to harm another person, by making you go through a similar experience. Panchatantra says that the things we do, gets served back to us in the same way, same time, same age as we did them in our previous births.

Karma can be got over only by suffering it. But according to an ancient sage, Maharaj Gondavalekar's sayings, Karma can be postponed or preponed as per your convenience with the help of a spiritual guru, who can do it, he believed. Also, sometimes, the karma can be reduced by performing remedies and sometimes, even remedies fail to bring about the result because it should also be written in your destiny for the remedies to work in your favour.

By taking one look at the horoscope, we can tell whether remedies are going to work for a person or not. Remedies of whatever kind, certainly work to the maximum extent and it is up to us to make proper use of them, but they require you to have faith in them to heal you. Astrological measures are based on the concept of faith healing, which is clearly mentioned and propounded in Christianity as well.

It is a known fact that Sage Markandeya averted death by chanting Mahamrutyunjaya mantra. The king of Nepal, despite having bad planetary influences, remained on the throne due to the Ekamukhi Rudrakshi he had safely kept guarded with him. Dasharatha, during the times of Ramayana, or Treta yuga, performed Putrakameshti yaga to beget children.

Whenever somebody faces the fear of accident death or disease, they usually recites Mahamrutyunjaya mantra. Many people recite Durga Saptashati when they are in problems like poverty, sorrow, disease or fear. The famous adage "Kalou Chandi Vinayakou" means that the gods who save one from peril in the Kali Yuga are only two of them, Chandi and Vinayaka/ Ganesha. Chandi and Ganesha stotras and rituals really do work in Kaliyuga. In Ramcharitmanas, it has been mentioned that it is only Lord Shiva who is capable of changing the destiny. So Maharudrabhisheka Archana, etc. really have the cure for our materialistic maladies. It is said that Lord Shiva is easily appeased by the pujas done by people wearing Rudraksha.

The sign occupied by the planet will prove which remedy is going to work for the people.
If a planet occupies a fiery sign, then fasts and yagnyas prove effective.

If the planet occurpies earthy signs, then wearing gems, metals, yantra,, dev darshan work for the person.

In an airy sign, mantra, japa, katha, and worship will suffice.

In watery sign, jal visarjan, oushadisnan and charity will be effective.

If in the horoscope the yogakaraka planets are powerful, then gem, yantra, and mantra can be done.

If maraka planets are powerful, donating articles and then throwing them in to water ( Jal visarjan) are potent remedies. These planets can be converted into karaka planets by dev darshan and mantra chanting.

If yoga karaka planets are strong and maraka planets are weak, then no remedy is needed.

Remedial Measures By A Vedic Sage

Maharshi Parashara, a Vedic sage who is considered as the father of Astrology, has given some remedial measures that are based on dasha and antardasha.
If lords of the second and seventh houses, are placed in these houses, then Mrityunjay mantra will help.

If the dasha planet is the Sun, then surya should be worshipped with Aditya hrudaya stotra.
For Moon, it is Durga who should be worshipped, and cow, she-buffalo, rice, curd and ghee should be donated.

Mars should be appeased with Vedic mantras and bull should be donated at the Yagnya.

Mercury Vishnu sahasranama and grains should be donated.

For Jupiter, ishtadevata puja and shiva sahasranama should be advised. Gold and food should be donated.

For Venus, Jagadamba or Lakshmi should be worshipped and cow and she buffalo should be donated.

For Saturn, Mrityunjaya mantra should be recited and til oil lamp should be donated in the evenings to ward off weakness and drowsiness.

For Rahu, Durga puja should be done and Goat and buffalo should be donated.

For Ketu, there is no worship prescribed. Only goat donation is to be done.

Remedies To Follow For All Your Problems : Since everything in this universe has some positive or negative energy, the precious stones are very potent in bringing about the desired results if used in a proper way. In Kali yuga, mani (gem), mantra and oushadhi (medicine) work wonders, as per the scriptures.

Rudrakshas are believed to have electromagnetic properties that heal our constitution from within.

Rudraksha kavacha is deemed to be all the more powerful because it eliminates the negativity and enhances the positivity in our life.

Yantras are mystical and they are protective in nature.

Mantras carry vibrations that bring about harmony in the life of an individual by improving the intellect and personality.

Rosary beads are very powerful in mitigating the harm caused by the planetary movements on our life. One rosary has to be counted for 108 times with the mantra recitation, to give you the best results. Rudraksha yantra mantra talisman in the form of rings lockets and even crystals and coins can be of benefit.

Crystals are a source of light and energy and very effective in eradicating negative vibrations from your life. It energizes us on all three levels of emotions, spirituality, and intellect.

Worshipping of Parad Shivalinga is thousand times more beneficial than worshipping a regular Shivalinga.

Rings with stones have their own effect as they directly communicate with the skin and the nerves that carry impulses to the brain. They certainly have positive benefits on our fortunes and mind.,

Pyramids create an aura of positive energy around them, and people who are under its influence are stress free, sleep better, are healthier, content, meditate with ease.they have a better immunity towards infection and diseases.

Coins spell good luck.

Lockets of rudrakshas, yantras or gems should be worn in the neck. They have their powerful influence on the throat and heart chakra. It protects the wearer from the effects of black magic, evil spirits, ghosts and other negative influences

Fengshui stresses more on the importance of the energy of wind and water. Fengshui products fill the atmosphere with positivity.

Colour therapy is all about healing and it is used to rebalance the chakras when they are drained of all their energy.

Lal Kitab offers remedies to chronic and critical problems of human life and they are also cheap and affordable.

Fasting is the most superior agent that brings on health, and diseases and enhances the psychological strength within to achieve a cure from the disease. Fasting is done by powerful people and not by the weaklings. It also controls excessive sexuality and lust.

Mahamrutyunjaya yagnya is to avert sudden death, disease, and accidents. Bagla Mukhi yagnya is performed for winning over enemies, whereas Putreyshti Yagnya is done for getting good progeny.

Offering Arghya to gods gives in return what your desire. It also finds a mention in Bhagavad Gita.

Japa tapa and charity together aid a lot in removing the karma and getting what you want.

Pranayama brings on the ability to realise the self, activates the kundalini with dedicated practice, and improves health and eradicates sin.

Devadarshana has its own positive effects on our lives, our minds and our overall outlook on life. It gives an insight into the meaning of life, alerts us to our duties, and lets us develop a sense of equanimity towards all the events, going on in our lives, having God at the same time, as a constant background tune for the music of our lives.

Oushadi Snan is to improve health overall.

Jal Visarjan is all about setting afloat, flowers, lamps, and idols of gods and goddesses in a waterbody, like river or pond to accrue special blessings of god.

All sorts of pujas, yagnyas bear results after 40 to 43 days. If the results of these are not obtained on time, the 43 days observance must be repeated. Talismans give result after 43 days. So a judicious mix of pujas with proper usage of talismens should be tried to get results within the 43 -day period.

Remedy For A Specific Planet: to strengthen weak planets, one can use not only the stipulated remedy, but one can combine a group of remedies that are meant to eradicate the particular problem. A weak planet can be made powerful by reciting mantra, worshipping yantra, getting a homa done, worshipping the deity prescribed, conducting fasts, doing charitable deeds and finally doing all these in the right mahurat can bring on miraculous results. Doing the same remedies even for a benefic harmless planet, can enhance the good that this benefic planet can do for you.

Remedies For specific Dashas: Sometimes, the dashas can really make things go topsy turvy in your life. For this, use the prescribed remedy to calm the negative effect. To enhance the good tidings of a good dasha, you can use, Rudraksha Kavacha, Rudraksha, gems, mantra, stotra, yagnya, and even fasting gives good results here.

Specific Desires: can be met by following prescribed remedies. For example, if success in arts is what you need, then worship goddess Saraswati. If your Venus needs to be strengthened, use Rudrakshas or diamond.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

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