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Moles Reveal If Your Partner Is Faithful Or Not

In this article, we are going to let you know how moles are linked to a person's faithfulness. Check out on how easy it is to find out if your partner would cheat on you by just looking at the position of the moles on his/her body.

Here, we are about to share some of the most interesting facts about a person's faithfulness towards their better half by mentioning about what the positions of the moles would convey.

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Check out on some of these body parts on which moles found can reveal about the faithfulness a partner would have.


Moles On Forehead

If a person has a mole on their forehead, then it means that they would be strong against any odd, but not the same when it is on marriage front. Even though their spouse/partner would be faithful, there might be a lack of love hovering on them.


Mole On Chin

This position is a clear indication that your partner may not be as affectionate and romantic towards you as the way you expect them to be! So, things do not seem to look bright in terms of fidelity as well.


Mole On Cheek

You are lucky if your partner has a mole on the right cheek, as your marriage will have love and hard work from both the sides. Those who have a mole on their left cheek should be cautious about their partner, as there are chances of them cheating on you.

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Mole On Arm

People who have moles on their right arm are said to be lucky, as their partner remains truly loyal to them, and their love is something that can never be replaced! On the other side, if a person has a mole on the left arm, it indicates trouble in marriage.


Mole On The Eye

A mole on the right eye of a person is an indication that they would be truly and deeply loved by their spouse and when a mole is present on the left eye, it indicates consistent marital conflicts between the couple.


Moles Under The Eyebrow

Presence of mole in this part of the body hints at difficulty in relationships and quarrels in your family. It also brings in discomfort and unhappiness in the family.


Center Of Nose

People who have a mole in this position are believed to flirt with the opposite sex. They are also said to get into trouble, hence you need to watch out on how they use their charm on you.


Nose Point

This position of the mole reveals sexual problems that can also impact ones married life, so one needs to be careful. This position of the mole is believed to be a very bad position and hence, it should be removed. Moles in this position are said to bring in a number of problems.


Side Of The Nose

The position of this mole indicates a cordial relation with your partner and that you would also share a great eternal bond. Women who have a mole in this place are said to be very nice and happiness follows them throughout their life.


Lower Lip

People who have a mole on this position are said to be romantic and they tend to have multiple sexual partners. The excess sexual affairs will cause remorse, which will cause additional stress in their life.



The brighter and larger the mole a person has in this position, the stronger the love and support they would get from their partner.



A mole in this position indicates that one will have a pretty wife/husband. It also indicates that they are pretty as well!

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