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Unlucky Lines In Palmistry

According to palmistry, our hands have both lucky and unlucky signs. Understanding these lucky and unlucky signs in palmistry makes our lives easy.

Here, in this article, our palmistry experts reveal about the unlucky signs that are present on your palm.

These lines or the markings or signs present on the palm are considered to be really unlucky. One needs to watch out for these signs as it reveals a lot about the person's personality.

So go ahead and find out about these eight unlucky signs present on your palm.


A Break On The Main Line

If you have broken lines, especially the main lines, then it is considered to be very bad. Experts reveal that when the breaks in the lines appear, then problems arise for the individuals. For example, if the marriage line breaks, then there will be a problem in your marriage life and the chances of getting a divorce are high in life.

Experts reveal that if you have a broken life line, then it is predicted that you will experience an unexpected accident, dangerous situation or even a disaster or illness in your life.

On the other hand, a broken heart line represents a significant setback in your emotional life.


A Chain Structure

If you have a series of small islands that are attached to one another, then it is called a chain structure. Experts reveal that no matter where the chain structure appears on your hand, it is said to be unlucky. A sign like this usually indicates the bad things that can happen to you. For example, if your head line is chained from the start to the end, then you will suffer from health conditions related to the brain.

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A Single Island

In palmistry, the term ‘island' is considered to be a sign of obstruction and destruction. Experts reveal that the islands that are generally found on the main lines on the palm indicate bad luck. For example, if you have an island on the head line, it defines you as a distracted person, and you also are said to suffer from a short-term memory loss.On the other hand, if you have an island on your fate line, then experts predict that it is a sign of hurdles that you will face in your career.

Note: The more significant the island is on your palm, the more severe trouble you would be in.


Moles On Your Palm

Experts reveal that if you have moles or spots present on your palm, then it creates a sort of disturbance in the energy flow. The moles or dots are usually the warning signs of crisis, severe illness and accident. For example, if you have a mole that appears on the heart line, then you will suffer from emotional turmoil in life.

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The Downward Lines

If you have lines that go down as branches from the main lines, it is considered to be unlucky and unfortunate. Experts reveal that if the branches appear on a specific main line, then they tend to be problematic for the individual.

For example, if you have a clear downward branch that starts from the middle part of your life line, then it means that you will not easily be able to move out of your comfort zone. Also, experts reveal that you will have health issues, especially during your middle age.


Ring Of Saturn

A ring is sometimes present on the base of the mount of Saturn and surrounds the middle finger at the bottom. A sign like this is considered to be unlucky and inauspicious. The presence of such a line represents imprisonment, constraint, obstacles, frustration and a lot more. The presence of this line indicates that you will be bound by decisions made by others. You are a person who doesn't usually know how to enjoy life.

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When a line gets split into multiple branches, it is known as tassels. This condition is usually found at the end of lines, and it is considered to be unlucky in palmistry. For example, if you have tassels present at the end of the life line, then it indicates that your health condition is declining. Also, on the other hand, it is predicted that you will always feel tired and lonely most of the time.


A Mesh On The Palm

You are said to have a grill or a mesh formation which is generally formed when the lines on your palm are crisscrossing with each other. When these formations tend to appear on the hand, then it defines the negative impact it has on the individual's life. These types of formations are not related to any particular spot as its presence on any part of the palm is considered to be unlucky. This marking usually indicates obstructions and problems in the bearer's life. For example, when a grill formation is present on the mount of Mercury, it means that there are great ups and downs that the person will experience during their married life. The presence of this sign also indicates that you will have abnormal sexuality as well.

Do you have any of these signs? Check them out on your palm and share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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Story first published: Monday, December 17, 2018, 17:57 [IST]
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