Got Too Many Lines On The Palm? Let's Find Out What They Imply!


There are three major lines on the palm. These are the lines which are the deepest ones. While one lies in the central region, the other two lie on the upper and the lower region of the palm. The one lying on the upper part is the heart line and the one in the central portion is the brain line.

If one has too many lines in this region, there are high chances that the person will get affected by the opinion of others, too easily. It can be said that sometimes, he keeps hanging between the heart and the mind, just as those lines do.


Moreover, if the lines or any of these lines that intersect the heart line, the person might have to face love failures and this might even affect his psychology.

Too Many Lines Cutting The Line Of Brain

When these lines are cutting the brain line, it again implies a sensitive nature of the person, who gets affected psychologically at minor things.

Too Many Lines On The Mount Of Jupiter

The mount of Jupiter is that region just below the index finger. Those who have many lines on this region are considered lucky.

Too Many Lines On The Mount Of Moon

There is a raised portion of the palm, opposite to the thumb. While it might be raised in the palms of some, in those of others it might not be much raised. Having too many lines on this portion means that the person will have a sharp intellect, he will be very intelligent. Having too many ideas will make him restless. However, if the lines are not so deep, he might face lack of confidence, and may be prone to getting hurt easily.

Too Many Lines In The Centre Of The Palm

Since centre of the palm is the region of Rahu, having too many lines in this region makes the person short-tempered and negative. He doesn't set for a compromise easily enough and such people are not able to concentrate well on things. Dark lines emphasize on anger. The nervous energy is too high for these people.

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Overall, the chances are that the person is very active, short-tempered and sometimes negative too, though talented. To make yourself calm and composed, you must practice meditation or other relaxing exercises, meant for knowledge of the self. This way, you will be able to make better use of your intelligence. ly. It can be said that sometimes, he keeps hanging between the heart and the mind, just as those lines do.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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