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Can Your Birth Number Of The Month Reveal Details Of Your Body Shape? Find Out!

Numerology plays a vital role in our lives, as we often connect numbers with luck and choose to use these lucky numbers to improve our lives, they have an influence in our lives.

From turning lucky at a certain age to even gaining weight, these numbers play a vital role and here we bring to you the reason behind the mystery of why a person does not gain or lose weight, all this based on their lucky numbers!

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To calculate these lucky numbers, one needs to sum up their birthday date, month and the year of birth to a single digit.

For Eg: 16+10+1986=32=3+2=5

The lucky number is 5!


For Number 1

People whose lucky number is one are said to hardly suffer from any kind of obesity. This is due to the fact that their dynamic metabolism helps them have a toned and slim figure. So, these guys do not have to worry much about gaining weight, as luck is on their side!


For Number 2

People with this lucky number are prone to obesity and they often seem to be on a diet. Most of them are generally seen making a crucial mistake of starving themselves and not knowing to follow the right diet. They need to pay a special attention to having fruits, vegetables, and following physical activities to maintain their physique.

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For Number 3

People with this lucky number are said to be prone to negativity. They are believed to have a pessimistic view in the world and it is important as the spiritual burden reflects on the weight. Hence, they are said to gain weight even if they do not wish to!


For Number 4

People whose lucky number is 4 are recommended to engage in physical activities as much as they can, this is because they lack a lot on physical activities that can cause hunger and cravings. This in return leads to the accumulation of fat.


For Number 5

People whose lucky number is 5 are said to view on the world heavily. This affects their figure drastically. Optimistic people are said to be generally slim. Hence, they need to enjoy life and prevent the accumulation of fat. So, weight gain and loss happens most of the time.


For Number 6

These people are considered to be lucky, as they have a proportional body shape. We bet other lucky numbers surely envy the metabolism of these guys. They eat in moderation, which helps them sufficiently to keep their nice figure.


For Number 7

These people are believed to generally gain weight in cases of emotional issues. In simple words, it means that they maintain a good relationship with their partner which is of utmost importance. Hence, they need to watch out on their diet to maintain it.


For Number 8

These people need to learn on how to let things go and forgive, as anger usually leads to the accumulation of fat and weight gain. Being stressed emotionally only increases their weight gain. So, keeping themselves busy can avoid this stress and unwanted weight gain.


For Number 9

These people are especially prone to obesity and the accumulation of fat. The worst thing about being a person of this number is that the extra pounds that they gain becomes quite difficult for them. They need to prevent the accumulation of fat, as it is very important and it should be done by the consumption of acidic fruits.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 12, 2017, 21:15 [IST]
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