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What Is The Significance Of Number Five In Numerology?

According to numerology, our life numbers play a vital role in influencing our lives. These numbers are known to have their own qualities and understanding them helps in analysing the personality of the person.

Individuals who have a ruling number five are said to have certain specific characteristics that define them to be different from the rest of the ruling numbers.

Check out the personality of people whose ruling number is five and how these individuals are different from the rest of the signs.


They Are Less Dramatic

These individuals like to explore the unexplored zones and discover something new every single time, and as a result, this will keep them aloof from their loved ones. As a result of this passion, these individuals will miss their near and dear ones for prolonged times. But with they being less dramatic, their lives seem to be sorted.


They Live For The Present

These individuals always like to live in the present. They do not believe in the concept of saving for the future and worrying about what will happen in the future as they live in the present. Also, these individuals are never conservatives.


Their Love Lives

These individuals are highly attractive and charismatic. They have a strong physical power and carefree attitude about life that wins them a lot of romantic affairs. Their charming personality will win the admiration of the opposite sex. O the other hand, their carefree attitude makes their partners often feel neglected.


The Negative Traits

These individuals are restless and impatient. They tend to dislike the routine monotonous work. Instead, they like to jump from one activity to another activity and not focus on completing the tasks entirely.


The Lucky Elements For Number 5 Individuals

Element: Earth
Lucky Day: Wednesday
Lucky Colour: Green
Lucky Gem: Emerald
Best No: 23
Lucky Months: January, May, and July
Lucky Metal: Gold
Best First Name Alphabets: F, H, N, and X
Favourable Direction: North

Story first published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 12:16 [IST]
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