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How Does Numerology Influence Your Life & Intimacy

Numerology is the science of numbers where an individual can try to understand something about the human behaviour. Numerology is done by calculating your psychic numbers.

These psychic numbers are the numbers that rule your characteristics and personality. On the other hand, the life path number is where your destiny takes you.

Here, in this article, we are revealing on the facts about how numerology influences your life and the intimacy factor in your love life.

These predictions are based on your date of birth. For example, if your birthday falls on January 1st, 1991, then it is 1+1+1+9+9+1= 22, further making it a single digit by adding 2+2=4.

Number #1

Number one individuals often take the lead in love and are known to be the pompous lovers. They love aggressive sexuality, and have the tendency of being supreme and dominant in nature.

Number #2

Number 2 individuals are always ready to adapt to any extent to keep a relationship running smoothly. They seem to offer emotional security to their lovers at any given point of time.

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Number #3

Number 3 individuals are fun, energetic, and willing to experiment in love-making. As individuals, they are also unnatural and inventive. For these guys, sex is a source of happiness and fantasy.

Number #4

Number 4 individuals are not usually interested in romance and sex for their own sake but being the caring nature, they tend to help their partner and falling in love has always been a serious business for them.

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Number #5

Number 5 individuals are passionate and they have ardent sexuality. They come across as being a fearless lover, who can be violent at times, and be mad as well. On the other hand, these guys seem to be generally attractive to the opposite sex.

Number #6

Number 6 individuals have a deep dislike of discord and they seem to generally work hard at keeping the peace. As individuals, they are very attached to their homes and families. People who fall under this number are in their best form when they are with stable partners.

Number #7

Number 7 individuals are lovers who are a little secluded. There are times when it gets harder to reach them. On the other hand, they are least interested in the material things and tend to focus on spirituality. This makes them an intellectual bed partner as well. On the other hand, they are often devoted when it comes to relationships.

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Number #8

Number 8 individuals are too crazy about sex, looks and nature. They seem to be delicate and soft, but the actual fact is that they can be scandalous and passionate. For these guys, sex is linked to power, especially to the material power. They are opportunists who use sex to build power and influence as well.

Number #9

Number 9 individuals are lovers who are involved and are helpful. Since they are sympathetic, they can be taken for granted easily. On the romantic front, they tend to show their love by helping their partners, and assuming their partners' problems to be theirs. These individuals often confuse between sex and real affection. On the other hand, they love to be reassured by their partners all the time.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 12:29 [IST]
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