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Dilli Haat Is Just The Place For Art And Fashion Lovers - Glimpses From A Recent Walk! [PHOTOS]

The closest metro station, which is almost next to Dilli Haat or Delhi Haat, is the INA metro station. So, now you know how to reach Dilli Haat, but why should you visit Dilli Haat, when in Delhi? Well, Dilli Haat is an enclosed space with a bucolic charm and boasts fashion and arts and crafts from different regions of the Indian subcontinent. With diverse delectable cuisines, Dilli Haat is a haven for the food connoisseurs. The place offers a synthesis of food and fashion, and this is also a special place, where you can have moments of escapism from otherwise dull traffic and pollution-cloaked New Delhi.

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Walking on the stone pathway with no blaring horns is a luxury, which can be enjoyed at Dilli Haat. Apart from that, you can buy anything right from leather bags, dupattas to diaries and puppets at this place. You have a number of stalls placed strategically and with shopkeepers willing to negotiate, provided that your bargaining skills are good. In fact, at Dilli Haat, you can find the same outfit reasonably-priced as compared to an emporium or boutique. Here, craftsmen sell handicrafts and outfits among other artefacts, so you are in a way supporting kaarigars and weavers directly. Adding to that, whether you love authentic momos or kahwa, or dosa etc.., Dilli Haat is where you can enjoy almost any regional food.

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, a fewer footfall is witnessed at the Dilli Haat these days, so we wouldn't encourage you to visit now unless necessary but as soon as the pandemic ends, it should be in your bucket list. However, having said that, a recent walk at Delhi Haat was refreshing and we found some interesting handicrafts, which will be a treat to the eyes. And if you frequent Dilli Haat but can't visit right now, here are some interesting picks and a picturesque tour, which will leave you fascinated.

So, did you enjoy our picks from Dilli Haat? Which handicraft did you like the most? Let us know that.