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Homemade Pregnancy Tests You Can Experiment At Home


Pregnancy is one of the best moments in a woman's life. It is also a blessing to the couple who are going to start a family. For women, pregnancy is a turning point in her life as it makes her feel special.

Today, there are a lot of over-the-counter pregnancy tests to opt for. If you lack the time and the money to purchase that expensive medical kit, there are homemade pregnancy tests you can opt for to determine if you are expecting a baby.

These homemade pregnancy tests are quite accurate and over a period of years, mid-wives suggested that they are the best tests to tell if you're expecting. Some of these tests, at first may seem a little unusual, but according to many scientists, these are quite effective and safe too.

Today, we present to you a list of ancient dIY homemade pregnancy tests you can try at home before you head to the doctor to get yourself examined. These pregnancy tests are also fun to try out, so make sure you try at least two of them to confirm the good news.

7 Homemade pregnancy tests to determine if you're pregnant:


Add two to three drops of urine to one teaspoon of white toothpaste. Mix the ingredients together. If the toothpaste turns frothy and blue it is sign that your pregnant.

Bleaching Powder

Add one to three drops of the first morning urine to two tablespoons of bleaching powder. If the powder remains calm, you are not pregnant. But, if the powder begins to frizz up, then pregnancy could be the reason.


Add three to four drops of urine to one tablespoon of vinegar. The mixed solution will begin to turn bubbly, ignore it. However, if the colour of the mixture changes, it means that this homemade pregnancy test worked with positive results.

Soap Test

Add one or two drops of urine to a bar of soap. If the area gets frothy and starts to bubble up, you're pregnant. This homemade pregnancy test is proved to be 100 percent accurate.

Latch Test

This is an ancient homemade pregnancy test to determine if you're pregnant. Place an old latch in a container and urinate into the container which has the latch. After 3 hours, remove the latch from the container. If the latch leaves a print mark at the bottom of the container, it means that you're pregnant.

Wine & Urine

In ancient times, women would mix their urine to confirm if they are pregnant or not. If the urine changed colour, it would mean that you're pregnant. Though this test is not accurate, it is suggested you try it.

Sugar Testing

Add three tablespoons of sugar to a bowl. Add one to two droplets of urine to the sugar. If the sugar dissolves quickly, then the homemade pregnancy test is negative. However, if the sugar turns lumpy, congratulations: you are pregnant!

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