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Awkward Things That Happen During Every Desi Shaadi

Indian weddings are great events of celebration and certain things definitely happen at a wedding, and here we bring in the details of the most common things that occur during Indian weddings.

We at Boldsky are here with a list of the most common things that happen during desi weddings.

From dancing to the tunes of band baaja to shehnai, desi weddings are all energetic and fantastic.

Here we bring in details of these common things that happen during almost every Indian wedding.

Much-needed Fights Between The Relatives

There are a few relatives who love fighting with each other during a wedding to show the world that they are here to spoil all the good times. They think that if they have not fought at a wedding, they have not attended a wedding.

When The Money Goes Missing

That awkward moment when the money which is taken from the bride after lots of arguments goes missing when it is time for its distribution as there are those smart kids who are great at hiding money.

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Gossiping Aunties!

Weddings are the best time when some people, especially aunties love attending the weddings to gossip only and to be honest, sitting with them becomes really awkward, as their conversation can be about any topic!

Weird And Funny Dance Performances

Weddings are not complete without some exciting dance performances! There are those who think that they are dancing like the movie stars, but they would be dancing in the funniest way!

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Mandatory Video Shots At The Dining Table

This is the most embarrassing thing that happens to most of us at the weddings where you are relishing your food, and the cameraman pans in to take a close up shot of the food in your plate, and you need to pretend to act like a sophisticated person who is eating with great mannerism.

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The Rishta Aunty

For all the youngsters who just started working or are still studying are prone to suffer at the hands of the Rishta aunties who seem to get busy in Rishta quest for the kids or their relatives. The unwanted stares of such aunties are so awkward, and their questions often leave the youngsters with a red face!

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The list goes on, so if you have more interesting points that can be added, then share them with us in the comment section below.

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