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Reasons Why You Should Stop Using A Toothpick Immediately - It Is Dangerous

There are moments when you eat something and it gets stuck in between your tooth. In order to get rid of it, a few people have the habit of using a toothpick. But is using a toothpick safe? Well, this might be the question dwelling in their minds. But when you feel that uneasiness, you just pick one of those toothpicks and use it.

According to experts, using toothpicks is not healthy. So, if you are one who uses toothpicks frequently, you should definitely read this article.

So today we will be discussing a few of the reasons why you should stop using a toothpick immediately as this can pose danger for the teeth as well as the gums.

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The toothpicks that we get in the market today are made up of either plastic or wood. Once in a while when you use it gently it can be fine. But when you use toothpicks frequently and aggressively on your tooth, it can pose danger for both the teeth as well as the gums.

As an alternative one could use water to rinse the mouth immediately after eating any food items or even flossing would help.

Mentioned here are a few of the reasons why one should stop using toothpicks. Take a look.

1. Causes Abrasion:

When you keep poking in between the teeth to remove the food particles left behind, it causes abrasion and also leads to bleeding. If this is continued for long it can cause damage to the entire set of teeth.

2. Gum Disease:

Using toothpicks just for once could be fine, but frequent use can affect not just the teeth but the gums as well. If left untreated this can cause severe irreversible gum diseases.


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3. Spaces Between Teeth:

When the toothpick is used at the same spot frequently, it creates spaces in between two teeth. This will further worsen the condition and there are chances of more food items getting stuck in between and lead to cavity formation.

4. Damages Tooth Enamel:

When one uses toothpicks, in the process they also tend to chew off the toothpick that is made of plastic or wood. This causes damage to the tooth enamel.

5. Damages Tooth Roots:

Frequent use of toothpicks not just affects the gums but when the gums are moved down from its actual position, it causes damage to the tooth root as well. It causes pain in a few cases.

6. Destroys Veneers:

The artificial veneers which you might have used to protect the tooth cavity are destroyed due to frequent use of toothpicks.

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7. Bad Breath:

Toothpicks are generally used to remove the food that gets stuck in between the teeth. So when these food items are there for a longer period of time and when these are removed using a toothpick, it emanates bad breath too.

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