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Effective Natural Astringents For Your Skin

An astringent is a something that minimises skin pores and tones the skin. Now you can use chemical toners as an astringent for your skin. But nature gives you many options to minimise your open skin pores without using any artificial elements. That is why, natural astringents are your best bet for skin toning.

These natural astringents are sometimes available in nature. You have to spend sometime making natural astringents out of the ingredients mentioned here. Either ways, these ingredients are very mild on your skin and delicately work on your skin pores. You usually need to use astringents when you have enlarged skin pores, acne and blackheads. These natural astringents gently reduce the size of the skin pores and keep skin problems at bay.

You need astringents even after you shave. Shaving opens up the skin pores and allows oil and dust to settle on it. These natural astringents mentioned here are excellent after shave lotions. Some of these natural skin toners also have other benefits for your skin. For example, lemon juice can close your pores and also cleanse them.

Here are the most effective natural astringents that you can use on your skin safely.


Lemon juice has the power to cleanse your skin pores, treat acne, provide antioxidants for production of collagen and also works as a natural astringent.

Rose Water

Rose water prepared at home can be the mildest astringent for your skin. Rose water gently cleans your pores and softens your skin while it acts as a toner.

Green Tea

Not only drinking green tea but also washing your face with green tea can be very beneficial. Green tea acts as a potent natural astringent and also provides antioxidants to get rid of any untimely wrinkles.


Rubbing a slice of cucumber on your face after scrubbing may be the best way to tone your skin. Cucumber cools the skin and minimises skin pores with a soothing effect.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of most effective astringents in nature. It has the capacity to heal minor skin infections, reduce acne and also functions as a toner.

Calendula Flowers

The calendula flowers are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula flower extracts are often used for skin creams. But this flower extract can also be used an excellent natural astringent for your skin.


Mint doesn't only soothe your mouth and stomach, it also has a cooling and toning effect on your skin.

Witch Hazel

The witch hazel herb is one of the most well known astringent available to us naturally. Witch hazel is often mixed with alcohol to make effective skin toners.

Orange Blossom Water

Orange peels soaked in water overnight can give you one of the mildest astringents ever. This natural skin toner is suitable for very sensitive skin.

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