Advasana-Downward Facing Corpse Pose

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Advasana is one among the others which, can be categorized under Yoga for relaxation. It is translated into English as the 'Downward facing corpse pose'


  • Lie down on the stomach
  • Stretch the hands forward with palms facing downward. (In some cases the palms are joined together)
  • Do not pressurise the belly.
  • Rest the forehead on the floor and elbows close to the ears.
  • Have the neck kept straight
  • Have a comfortable distance between your legs
  • Relax the spine and the torso relaxed
  • Breathe naturally and rhythmically


  • It brings relief in pain owing to slip discs
  • Good for the back.
  • Relieves hardness in the neck muscles
  • Sets right stooping in stature.

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