Iyengar Yoga Aids Ailing Breast Cancer Patients

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The specialised program of Iyengar Yoga formulated for the survivors of breast cancer and for those ailing have shown positive signs with regards to recovery .

The participants who were used in the research were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their physical and mental health at the start and the end of a 10 week Iyengar Yoga session.

According to the findings as published in the journal of Cancer Nursing, Amy Speed-Andrews of University of Alberta analysed the data collected after the research and found that

94% saw a considerable improvement in the quality of their life,
88% felt good physically,
87% revealed that they were more happier
80% reported that they were less tired.

The reports also showed a decline in stress, anxiety and depression.

The change is definitely significant as patients undergoing breast cancer often subjected to pain, immobalisation, fatigue and depression.

Iyengar Yoga of B.K. Iyengar, indeed a boon to the society.

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