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Do You Deserve A Good Salary Hike?
This is the time of the year when most companies have their performance appraisals and then give out pay raises. The easiest way to know that increments are due is to observe people in the office. Your co-workers become generally ‘nicer' ...
Do You Deserve Good Salary Hike
How To Break The Ice In New Office Six Easy Ways To Break Ice In New O
Six Easy Ways To Break Ice In New Office
One of the most important things about changing your job is the compulsion of getting adjusted to a new work environment. Most of us have inertia of starting new job because we do not know how to break the ice in ...
5 Best Ways To Stay Calm Under Pressure
There comes a time when you need to take the real patience test. Often, people under stress or pressure vent out their frustration or anger. However, venting out anger or frustration will only worsen the situation and take it out of ...
How To Stay Calm During Stress
Interfering Colleague Spoiling Love Life
Interfering Colleague Spoiling Love Life?
When someone starts interfering in your life, you would not like it. This is more common among people who are in a relationship. As it is your personal life, you would not like the interference of people to a certain ...
Traits Of Successful Women: Women's Day'14
Today is Women's Day 2014 and it is the perfect time to discuss how far the average working woman has come. Usually, men have careers and women have jobs. This simply means that women do jobs for the sake of working ...
Traits Of Successful Women 2014 Womens Day
Pros Cons Of Working In Startup Company
Pros & Cons Of Working In Startup Company
A startup company is basically an organisation that is started by a few people together. Such organisations are new and have very few employees. Working for a startup may be both beneficial and dangerous for your career. If you are working ...
Are You Adding Office Colleagues On Facebook?
The whole world is on Facebook these days. Facebook had started as a medium for friends to meet and share things. But now, we are making anybody and everybody our friend on Facebook. It is also common to add your office ...
Are You Adding Office Colleagues On Facebook
Are You Victim Of Office Gossip
Are You A Victim Of Office Gossip?
The rules of office gossip are such that the person who is being talked about is the last to know. But is if you are indeed a victim of office gossip, then you will eventually come to know that your colleagues ...
How To Flatter Your Boss Smartly?
There is a very old say that boss is always right. If you can implement this in your work life, then you will have no problems at your office. Flattery comes naturally to some people. If you are not someone who ...
How To Flatter Your Boss Smartly
Fun Ways To Break Glass Ceiling
Fun Ways To Break The Glass Ceiling
The glass ceiling cannot be seen, it can only be felt. The unsaid rule that women will never be part of the top management of a company is snidely referred to as the ‘glass ceiling' in the corporate world. We speak ...
Ways To Know A Self-Confident Person
Self-confidence is a personality trait that sets you apart from the crowd. In fact, being a self-confident person is a real bonus because it helps you along the way in your life. Be it your personal life or professional discourse, confidence ...
Ways To Know Self Confident Person
Bad Habits Affect Work
Bad Habits That Affect Your Work
We all want to be best performers at work. However, some or the other thing comes in between your dedication. It is none other that the bad habits. A lot of people become prey to bad habits. If you want to ...
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