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Work Creativity

Bad Habits That Affect Your Work
We all want to be best performers at work. However, some or the other thing comes in between your dedication. It is none other that the bad habits. A lot of people become prey to bad habits. If you want to ...
Bad Habits Affect Work

Types Co Workers Avoid
Types Of Co-Workers To Avoid
Your first day at office is exactly like the first day in a new school. You get all dressed up for the first day at work, and welcome the new workplace without knowing anyone. Well, the first day is always kind ...
Reasons That Curb Creativity At Work
Every time you have the urge to show some creativity at workplace, it is just a way of improving your working skills. Also to offer good ideas for the betterment of the project and company. However, there are times when you ...
Reasons That Curb Creativity Work
Manage Time Work Leave On Time
Manage Time At Work n Leave On Time!
Every morning you might decide to leave office on time. However, you end up leaving late from work. Well, it is not just you, as most of the working people leave late from office. You either get delayed with work or ...
Talkative Colleagues To Keep Mum
We all look forward to a good atmosphere in a work station. If you are one of them who loves to work in a peace and quite zone, talkative colleagues is something that will really take the cream off the cake. ...
Talkative Colleagues Office Hours
Myths Facts Sick Leave
Myths & Facts About Sick Leaves
Sick leave is the only weapon that saves an employee at any work place. When you take leaves, you tend to show sick leave which is vague in most of the cases. Well, lying sometimes to hide a personal issue and ...
Ways To Deal With A Hormonal Colleague
If your colleague is the touchy and delicate kind of a person who interprets an innocuous smile as an invitation to have his way, he is the proverbial letch. In corporate lingo he is called the hormonal colleague. If you have ...
Ways Deal Hormonal Colleague
Funny Ways Get Increment
Funny Ways To Get An Increment
So it's already the end of appraisal year and you don't have enough achievements in your folder to show up for that coveted hike in your salary. If your answer is yes and you have no idea how you are going ...
Lies You Tell In An Interview
Fake it till you make it. Nowhere else is this age old adage more applicable than in the job market. While employees are not ready to settle for anything less than super-humans, the ordinary mortals need to have few little tricks ...
Lies Tell Interview
Meeting Manners To Keep In Mind
Meeting Manners To Keep In Mind
Are you among those bosses who take meeting with their staff and none of the employees care about it? While organising a meeting or participating in one, we have to make sure we don't make others uncomfortable with our behavior. Certain ...
How To Deal With Stress At Workplace?
An average working person spends more time at workplace. According to responsibilities held, it can be round the clock also. As competition or challenges increase, stress levels also increase. It may not be directly from the work you do, but may ...
How To Deal With Stress At Workplace
Things Boss Should Not Tell Employee
Things Boss Should Not Tell An Employee
The relationship between a boss and employee can either be good or bad. But, seldom you can find something best in such relationships. Some day, either the employee or the boss will have problems with each other. In many companies, the ...
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