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Things Women Must Have In Wardrobe
Every woman has an overflowing wardrobe jam-packed with clothes. But sometimes you may not have the energy or time to shop for an immediate function or last-minute date. Or there may be days when you don't feel like carefully assembling your ...
Things Must Have Women Wardrobe

Cheryl Cole X Factor Wardrobe
Cheryl Cole Furious Over Her X Factor Wardrobe
Cheryl Cole, reportedly, is furious over the wardrobe designed for her on this season of X Factor. Till date she has been seen sporting edgy designs on X Factor, which included a white and silver mini dress Kristian Aadnevik.This dress got ...
Girls Love Men In Red
Jewellery, chocolates or flowers neither of these would impress a girl ore than you being dressed in red. A study claims that women love to see their men dressed in red. A red attraction,men,wardrobe can get you more closer to the ...
Women Love Men Red
Jolie Stunts Worry Dad
Jolie's Dad Worried About Her Stunt Moves
Angelina Jolie, the beautiful American stunt actress scares her father with her terrifying stunt moves. Jon Voight, said that he is worried about his daughter performing stunts.Voight said that he gets very much worried and anxious watching his daughter performing such ...
Be Stylish At Your Work - Place
Do you think that work wardrobe collection cannot be stylish? Of course it can be, because in an office, what you wear is the first thing that your colleagues would notice. Hence the first impression on you is based on the ...
Stylish Work Wardrobe
Gaga Fashion Persona
A Blog To Proclaim Love For Gaga
The strength behind a performer's growth is his or her fan base. When these fans start doing things like worshiping their role model performer or imitating their looks, style or wardrobe, the scene gets more glossy.The singing sensation, wacky Lady Gaga's, ...
Rihanna Faces Wardrobe Malfunction In Israel
Rihanna’s is the next in the list to ignite the trend of wardrobe malfunction yet again. Steps to woo the Israel audience went a bit wary when she had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during her first performance in the country.The singer, ...
Rihanna Wardrobe Malfunction
Fantasize Kids Room
Fantasize Your Kids Room
A little imagination can provide your child a room for fun and fantasy. Artistry can run to any extent for the kids room, as children are always fond of wild imaginations. A fancy room will enable them a sense of achievement ...
Kylie Minogue's Clothes Hanger Phobia
Kylie Minogue is suffering from a rare phobia- the fear of clothes hangers.she reveals that she hates putting things on hangers. She does not like the way they sound when we put them in the wardrobe. “It's a room in my ...
Kylie Minogue Clothes Hanger Phobia
Pamela Anderson Stint
Pamela Anderson Has To Cover Up
The recent stint by Pamela Anderson, in a reality dance show has made an impact and raised caution among the show organizers. Pamela Anderson has been asked to cover up for her stint in a dance reality show.Sources revealed that producers ...
Colours To Flaunt This Summer
Colours, have the ability to rein over our mood, behavior and also our status. Thus, colours have importance in our day to day life. Dressing for an occasion or season is complete only with the use of a perfect colour and ...
Summer Colours Trend
Party Shoes Trend
Step Out In Your Party Shoes
A Special Occasion is not only celebrated to cherish the moment but it also is a chance to cherish and flaunt your beauty. To create that awe as you pass by carelessly. A perfect exotic attire, good make up and attitude ...
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