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The Mind-Boggling Mystery Of Nothingness
Many scientists believed that the universe had no beginning and that stars and planets have existed without there being a time that can determine their origin. Scientists including Albert Einstein believed that because of this, the universe will see no end ...
The Mystery Of Nothingness

Incredible Mysteries Of The Milky Way
6 Incredible Mysteries Of The Milky Way Galaxy
We all know for a fact that the Earth is located in the Milky Way, a galaxy that comprises a whopping 10 power 10 stars. The mysteries of space are perhaps the most elusive of all secrets, with humans understanding their ...
7 Chakras And Their Influence On The Endocrine System
Did you know that there are 7 chakras that act as a bridge between the body and the endocrine system? We must understand that there is a profound relationship between the 7 chakras and the endocrine system. The 7 chakras also ...
Chakras And Their Infleunce On The Endocrine System
Miss Universe 2010
Miss Universe 2010 Is Miss Mexico
Miss Universe 2010 was celebrated with much excitement. It was the 59th edition of the beauty pageant which was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada , United States. This special day was organised on August ...
The Ultimate Cause Of Creation
Ram is a skilled turner in my factory. He is a fine modest fellow. It is a treat to watch him, working on his lathe with commendable speed and dexterity.One day, I commanded him as part of my work : Hey ...
Ultimate Creation Causes Mundakopanishad
Watch Venus Mars Twilight
Watch Venus And Mercury, In Twilight
The sky gazers are going be treated with the rare spectacle of Venus and Mercury forming an eye-catching pair for nearly the next two weeks, about 30 to 60 minutes after sunset. It is a rare chance in the life, as ...
'Nourish Your Inner Aspect' by Gwyneth Paltrow
To "nourish the inner aspect", Oscar winning Hollywood actress, Gwyneth Paltrow gives out her own 'The Best Dirty Martini' recipe in her blog named GOOP – nourish the inner aspect.Contrary to the name, it includes drinking six ounces of Vodka. In ...
Gwyneth Paltrow Blog Nourish Inner Self
Beckham Boys
A Leap In The Flying Tunnel For The Beckham Boys
The celebrity boys of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham were enjoying the worthful moments in their lives as they had a freefall simulator.  Brooklyn Beckham, 9, and his four-year-old brother Cruz dived in with an instructor in the wind tunnel. When ...
Why Can't I Impress Him/Her With My Talks?
"Why Can't I Impress Him/Her With My Talks?" Yes, this is a question that may spoil your sleep as you"ve to talk to someone special from the opposite gender. As a universal truth there are a vast difference in the common ...
Impressive Conversation
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