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Sweet Dishes

Colourful Mixed Fruit Pudding: Dinner Treat
How long has it been since you gave your family a treat after dinner? Most of the time, we get totally worked up about calories and do not enjoy desserts as much as we should. Besides, it is tough to make ...
Colourful Mixed Fruit Pudding Dinner Treat

Homemade Almond Chocolate Recipe
Homemade Almond Chocolates: V Day Recipe
One of the special days during Valentine's week is Chocolate Day. Instead of buying expensive chocolates which might not even taste good as expected, you can try some homemade chocolates! Homemade chocolates are really easy to prepare and can also be ...
Apple Pie: Dessert Recipe
December is the best time of year for indulging in dessert.Pies, cakes, caramels and muffins are some of the desserts that come to our mind. Apple pie is a traditional dessert or tea time treat. It is quick and easy to ...
Apple Pie Dessert Recipe
Gajar Ka Halwa Khoya Recipe
Gajar Ka Halwa With Khoya Recipe
It is the season of carrots. So there is not doubt that carrots will be there in your healthy diet. Be it in the salad, side dishes or in dessert, carrots are one healthy vegetable that can be included in your ...
Suji Ka Halwa With Dry Fruits: Breakfast Recipe
There are many Indian sweet dishes that can be prepared instantly. If you are of the idea that halwa is very difficult to make and is time consuming too, then you are wrong. There are many simple halwa recipes that you ...
Suji Halwa Recipe
Sweet Pongal Recipe
Sweet Pongal Recipe
Pongal is one of the biggest festivals in India. Also known as Tamil harvest festival, Pongal is a four days festival that is celebrated with great vigour and joy in the state. Pongal is the cooked rice and dal that is ...
Soan Papdi: Soft Diwali Sweet
Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Rama defeated demon King Ravana and returned to Ayodhya. People lighted diyas and lamps, burst crackers to celebrate the victory of good over evil and the return ...
Soan Papdi Recipe
Atte Ka Halwa Navratri Recipe
Atte Ka Halwa: Navratri Recipe
Halwa is a traditional Indian sweet dish that is prepared in almost all the occasions. Be it a big or a small festival, you cannot serve a feast without adding a spoonful of halwa. There are many halwa recipes that can ...
Patishapta: An Authentic Bengali Sweets Recipe
Patishapta is one of the famous Bengali sweets that is prepared during pujas. The yummy taste of this popular Bengali sweet is famous worldwide. The best part in this Indian sweets recipe is that, it can be easily made with just ...
Patishapta Bengali Sweets Recipe
Shahi Toast Recipe
Shahi Toast: An Amazing Sweet Dish
Shahi toast is among one of the most awesome Indian sweets recipe. This bread recipe is very simple and hardly requires few minutes. Shahi toast is actually a kind of sweet toast that is made with milk, sugar and a lot ...
Churma Ladoo: A Rajasthani Sweet Dish
Churma is coarsely ground wheat that is prepared with ghee and sugar or jaggery. You can very easily try a churma ladoo recipe using a very few ingredients. This is actually a Rajasthani recipe that is highly relished on all the ...
Churma Ladoo Recipe
Kesari Modak Recipe
Kesari Modak: A Sweet Dumplings Recipe
A modak is a sweet dumpling that is very popular all over India. A modak recipe is also one of the essentials in many Hindu religious ceremonies like Ganesh Chaturthi. A modak can be of various flavours. The most popular among ...
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