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Sunglasses For Your Face Shape
For some of us, sunglasses is our favourite accessory and for most of us who want to purchase this accessory find it difficult since we do not know what looks best on us.There are times when we go to a mall ...
Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Versace Eye Wear Collection 2012
Versace Spring/Summer Eye Wear Collection 2012
Versace launched its new Spring/Summer eye wear collection in Paris. The oversize yet stylish sunglasses from Versace are inspired from the 80's design and are great to beat the heat this summer. The Spring/Summer eye wear collection is named 'Star of ...
Gucci Sunglasses For Spring/Summer 2012
Gucci, the famous Italian fashion brand comes with something new for the upcoming spring/summer season. Sunglasses are the most prominent fashion accessories for the soon arriving hot season so Gucci presents a few designs specially for women.The aviator sunglasses are sti...
Gucci Sunglass Spring Summer 2012
Expensive Sunglasses World
5 Most Expensive & Stylish Sunglasses!
A pair of sunglasses add style to your appearance and also protects your eyes from the scorching sun rays. These pair of sunglasses can become one of the most treasured and expensive accessories in your wardrobe. Several brands offer quality sunglasses ...
Fashion Tips For Dark Men!
In every man's life, there is one common problem they face and that is fashion style. They some how never seem to relate their clothes with the type of footwear or accessories they wear.It so happens that men with dark ...
Fashion Men Dark Skin Tone 210411 Aid
Sunglasses For Skin Tone 200411 Aid
Sunglasses To Match Your Skin Tone!
Sunday afternoon, I was window shopping on Commercial Street and looking at some fascinating things being sold on road side shops I came across a young lad who was trying on multiple shades of sunglasses that really took me by surprise.With ...
Chic Bright Sunglasses Is In Trend For The Summer!
Who does not want to look cool for the summer season? These days everyone sports on the best trends when it comes to shoes, clothes and even accessories. For the summer season, one thing that all men and women sport is ...
Bright Sunglasses Fashion Summer 180411 Aid
Prada Sunglasses Summer Wear 010411 Aid
Prada Sunglasses Out With Summer Wear Collection!
The other day I was going through the Cosmopolitan magazine at a beauty salon and a lady beside me inquisitively asked me what I was looking at so intensively. Without a second thought of realizing who she is or if I ...
Precious Stone Studded Sunglasses!
The summer season is here and all you can think of is how to beat the heat. However, there are various ways to chill this summer, but the clothes and accessories you wear is the most important! The latest fashion trends ...
Precious Stone Sunglasses Expensive 310311 Aid
Sunglasses Trend Spring Summer 280211 Aid
Sunglasses From Past This Spring/Summer
It's once again the time to bring back your sunglasses and match them well with your dress and the sunny outdoor parties. This Spring /Summer sunglasses trend is the memory of the past. The trend this season is the repetition of ...
Madonna Promotes Dolce & Gabbana
Good news for all the Madonna fans – she would continue to be the face for Dolce and Gabbana. Her contract with the big fashion brand has been renewed.Being the brand ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana, Madona has become the only ...
Madonna Dolce And Gabbana
Men Accessories
Five Must Haves For Fashionable Men
Talk about accessories for women and you can have an endless list, but what about men? Men can rarely boast about having a range of different accessories. The list of accessories for men could just stop at things like sunglasses, watches, ...
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