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4 Reasons We Catch Cold In Summer
Summer is the time to have chilled drinks and enjoy the cool breeze from the air conditioning. Summer is also the time to enjoy your time in the swimming pool or enjoy some rain dancing. These activities are mainly enjoyed in ...
Four Reasons We Catch Cold In Summer

 Tips To Keep Your Attic Cool In Summer
8 Tips To Keep Your Attic Cool In Summer
Life almost comes to a standstill when the air condition at your home stops to cool. The perspiration builds up, and you are instantly saddened by the thought that you have no clue how to keep your home cool and good ...
Lychee Pineapple Smoothie For Summer
Summer is a season to celebrate with refreshing drinks and smoothies. If you want to describe the essence of summer, it can be best symbolised by two fruits; mangoes and lychees. And seeing some fresh and red lychees being sold on ...
Lychee Pineapple Smoothie For Summer
Best Summer Sofa Colors For Living Rooms
Best Summer Sofa Colours For Living Rooms
Have you ever realized how important proper furniture is to your life? Imagine buying a chair that is not really making you comfortable. Would it have been possible for you to sit for long hours on that chair? Let’s face it, ...
Protection From Sun: Health Tips
The scorching heat of the sun is becoming harsher with every passing day. There is a grave need for protection from the sun. It is not just the skin which is getting affected by the sun, but there are many who ...
Protection From The Sun Health Tips
Six Ways To Keep Your House Cool Naturally
6 Ways To Keep Your House Cool Naturally
With the increasing temperatures, the heat which passes through the walls of your home makes you feel all the more uncomfortable. If you do not have an air conditioner in your home, it becomes a lot more difficult to manage the ...
Pros & Cons Of A Summer Wedding In India
In India, there is an auspicious time to do every thing. We leave our houses at a particular sacred hour, we change jobs when it is prescribed by the astrologer and thus, it should be no surprise that wedding are also ...
Pros Cons Of Summer Wedding In India
Celebrities In Floral Prints Summer 2014 Trends
Celebrities In Floral Prints: Summer 2014 Trend
There are certain things about a season that you simply cannot deny or change no matter how clichéd they become. Take summer for example; celebrities in floral prints are being spotted all over the place this summer. Just like in every ...
How Much Water Should You Drink In Summer?
Summer calls for dehydration, loss of energy and fatigue. But there is a way out to beat the heat and feel fresh under the hot sun. One of the best health tips for summer is to drink a lot of water. ...
How Much Water To Drink In A Day During Summers
Healthy Snack Ideas For Summers
5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Summer
Summer season is the time when your body does not feel like eating much. All it wants is to rehydrate and re-energise. Full meals are not preferred by all. Therefore, it is a season where there are many snacks that ...
Watermelon Juice Recipe With Video
Summer is the time for having chilled fruit juices and sodas. Juice gives you lots of healthy fluids that stop you from having dehydration. Trying out a watermelon juice recipe is not exactly very difficult for seasoned cooks. However for amateurs, ...
Watermelon Juice Recipe With Video
Mattha Summer Special Drink Recipe
Mattha (Spiced Buttermilk): Summer Special Drink
Summers are the time when you can think of only chilled drinks and ice creams. You don't feel like eating spicy dishes or drinking any hot beverage. People who have to go out for work are worst among the affected as ...
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