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Sri Ramakrishna

Consciousness Sri Ramakrishna
Consciousness of Sri Ramakrishna-Beyond Dry Scholarship
Renunciation as dealt in the previous part will have to be practised and not just reading about it in the scriptures. Similarly dwelling in consciousness is the sure sign of wisdom.Sri Ramakrishna said that a shallow man, having read a few ...
Renunciation-Beyond Dry Scholarship
Mere reading of religious scriptures does not open the door way to spiritual realization. The truth, the underlying core of such scriptures will have to be adhered. Renunciation and Not Mere ScholarshipSri Ramakrishna saw that the pundits spoke words of ...
Renunciation Sri Ramakrishna Sri Ramakrishna
Religious Scriptures Studies
Beyond Dry Scholarship-(Of Religious Scriptures)
Introduction Having plunged the depths of spiritual realisation, Sri Ramakrishna had a first-hand account of the way to reach that state. He, therefore, discouraged any tendency to consider scriptural study (of religious scriptures) a necessary step to the realization of G...
Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-Like The Divine Mother's Guidance
Continued from Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-CheerfulnessGo on and try your best; I am here to help you Have you seen a baby's first attempts to stand and walk? The mother stands nearby, watching, her face lit up with an appreciative smile. ...
Sri Ramakrishna Smile 240111 Aid
Sri Ramakrishna Smile Cheerfulness 210111 Aid
Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-Cheerfulness In Spirituality
Continued from-Sri Ramakrishna's smile-Divine Ecstasy Make spiritual seeking a joyful adventureReaders of the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna are struck by the humour and repartees of Sri Ramakrishna. Throughout the Gospel we see the words (Laughter), (All laugh) sprinkled every...
Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-Divine Ecstasy
Continued from Sri Ramakrishna's Smile 'Brahman is Truth, Knowledge and Infinity,' says Vedanta. This includes the ever blissful nature of Brahman, for that which is Infinite is blissful. There is no joy in the limited. Thus, to realize God or ...
Sri Ramakrishna Smile Divine Ecstasy 190111 Aid
Sri Ramakrishna Smile 180111 Aid
Sri Ramakrishna's Smile
AMONG the several gifts Sri Ramakrishna gave to the world are three of his divine visions, preserved in the form of photographs. His physical appearance may continue to distance itself from us in space and time, but these three divine ...
Love For God-Sri Ramakrishna Reveals Through Gopaler Ma
Continued from Lord Krishna-Sri Ramakrishna's Blessing On Gopaler Ma The peak of realization that Gopaler Ma attained has to be viewed in the light of Sri Ramakrishna's own mission. The Master was a scientist in the truest sense of the ...
Love For God Sri Ramakrishna Gopaler Ma
Lord Krishna Sri Ramakrishna Gopaler Ma
Lord Krishna-Sri Ramakrishna's Blessing On Gopaler Ma
Gopala (Lord Krishna) henceforth Gopalerma's constant companion. He would assist her in collecting firewood and in other chores, and also play pranks. She in turn would sometimes fondle him and at other times rebuke him for his tricks. This divine ...
Goddess Kali-Shakti And Brahman
Kali here, Kali there and Kali everywhere! Sri Ramakrishna dissolved Himself in Mother Kali. He experienced Mother Kali, in both the absolute and the ephemeral. The Master's words of wisdom pierce through the misconception of considering Kali, the Shakti or ...
Goddess Kali Shakti Brahman
Lord Krishna Gopaler Ma
Lord Krishna, An Experience To Gopaler Ma
Continued from previous part-Krishna as Ramakrishna to Gopaler Ma As soon as it dawned, an inebriated Aghormani ran to Dakshineswar. She could feel Gopala (Lord Krishna) clinging to her bosom with his tiny rosy feet dangling playfully. Her Chosen Ideal ...
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