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Space Science

Our Moon Is No More Bone Dry
As previously reported that the inside of the moon is watery . But, according to the new study it is said that it isn't as watery as reported earlier. For decades now , it was said that the astronomers had ...
Watery Moon Study

Real Love Sheer Trust Time Space
Real Love Knows No Fear Or Insecurity
With real love, there will be no fear or insecurity either. In normal love, physical distance between two people causes a lot of insecurity and a lack of trust.A small story:A young soldier went to his senior officer and said, ‘Sir, ...
A Trip To Mars In 39 Days
Ad Astra Rocket Co. is looking forward to launch a plasma-powered rocket that could take astronauts to Mars in a little over a month’s time.The rocket named Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) is a twin peer of the one being ...
Nasa Rocket Mars
Aliens Exist
Do You Believe In Aliens?
Do you believe in UFOs and aliens? Many people have claimed to have seen them but there are no concrete evidence of aliens or even life on another planet.Though there are no proofs, 20 per cent of people, polled in a ...
UFOs Attacked Sheep, Claimed UK Farmers
Farmers in Shropshire, UK have claimed that aliens have attacked their sheep.Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being lasered by unidentified light from UFOs.They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed...
Ufo Attacked Sheep Uk
Solar Eclipse Science Superstition
Solar Eclipse: Science, Superstition and Spirituality
15th January 2010 will be remembered as one of those days which has involved one and all in a majestic celestial occurrence. The Solar Eclipse has something for everyone, a huge opportunity for the scientific community to do ...
2010 Solar Eclipse To Go Down In History
The annual solar eclipse on January, 15 will go down in history as the longest solar eclipse of the century, the longest until, December 23, 3043.It would be visible as a partial eclipse in parts of Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East ...
Longest Solar Eclipse
Tongue Controlled Wheel Chair
Wheel Chair That Needs Your Tongue To Operate
Every imagined to control a wheel chair with your tongues? Stunned? Well, it may not not be that impossible a thing any more. If the invention by the two electrical engineers, Maysam Ghovanloo and Xueliang Huo, works out well, ...
Mirrors In Space To Fight Global Warming
As global warming raises serious concerns about the future of the world. The scientists have come up with an unique method to fight the global warming. The method includes firing trillions of mirrors in to the space ...
Global Warming
Asia Space Park Pune
Asia's first Space Park In Pune
By the year 2010, Pune will look forward to 'Space World'. This is an entertainment center and stat-of-the-art space-theme park, first of its kind in Asia. ...
'Space Elevator' For Heaven!
Scientists have created a breakthrough that can revolutionize the concept of 'space travel'. The 'space elevator, created by the British scientist is straight out of the sci-fic fantasy and is dubbed the 'stairway to heaven'. The world's ...
Space Elevator Science Fiction Fantasy
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