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10 Fried Chicken Recipes For Ramzan
Chicken is an ingredient that is easy to cook with. You can cook chicken with a variety of spices and it takes on the taste of the spices perfectly. There are several styles to cook chicken but none quite as delicious ...
Ten Fried Chicken Recipes For Ramzan

Fried Chicken Recipe In Fifteen Minutes Video
Fried Chicken Recipe In 15 Minutes: Video
We all like fried chicken. However, did you ever make fried chicken in just 15 minutes? I guess not. But with our recipe of fried chicken video, you will be able to prepare this simple chicken snack in just a matter ...
Noodle Cutlet Recipe For Tiny Tots
This evening, it is time to try out something out of this world. Have you heard of noodle cutlets? If not, then this is one recipe, you shouldn't fail to make. The noodle cutlets recipe is easy and not time consuming ...
Noodle Cutlet Recipe For Tiny Tots
Mughlai Shami Kebab Ramzan Recipe
Mughlai Shami Kebab: Ramzan Recipe
Ramzan is both a time of fasting and feasting. While the devoted Muslims fast during the day, they deserve a treat after sundown when they are supposed to break their fast. Ramzan recipes are elaborate and festive keeping with the spirit ...
16 Monsoon Recipes That All Indians Love
This is the happiest part of summer for Indian when we are just anticipating the Monsoons to hit any moment. We have had a few decent pre-monsoon showers and are expecting great rainfall this year. So why not brush up on ...
Sixteen Monsoon Recipes That All Indians Love
Masala Aloo Fry Snacks Recipe
Masala Aloo Fry: Snacks Recipe
The rains have just started pouring in and it is the perfect weather to munch on something perfectly spicy. When the rains start coming, you can enjoy the weather with some 'garam chai' and some really spicy masala aloo fry. This ...
Fish Kabiraji Cutlet: Special Bengali Recipe
What could be more inviting than having a sumptuous cutlet with tea just at brunch time? Of course, it is not a very healthy practice to snack like this, but true Bengalis rarely have any talent for being healthy. Fish kabiraji ...
Fish Kabiraji Cutlet Special Bengali Recipe
Crunchy Vegetable Dosa For Breakfast
Crunchy Vegetable Dosa For Breakfast
How do you actually start your day? It must be with something that tastes good, is filling and also gives you a healthy start to the day. It is quite simple, have a crunchy vegetable dosa for breakfast. The vegetable dosa ...
Boiled Eggs Burger For Breakfast
Every burger you eat does not have to come out of a fast food joint. You can easily prepare a healthy burger at home to have wholesome breakfast. Egg burgers are not as common as hamburgers but they are easier and ...
Boiled Eggs Burger For Breakfast
Toast Topper Recipes For Lazy Weekend
Toast Topper Recipes For A Lazy Weekend
The weekend is here and it is time to relax at home. Two days of pure bliss when you do not have to go for rushed breakfast or hurried lunches. You don't even want to be running around town sampling food ...
Crisp Potato Chops Recipe With Video
You may be in the mood to eat something very exotic but your choices are often restricted by what is available in your house. How about eating something that is easy to make and all the ingredients are available right there ...
Crisp Potato Chop Recipe With Video
Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji Recipe Video
Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji Recipe (Video)
Egg bhurji is a recipe that is well known by every Indian cook. However, there are many versions of this recipe. Egg bhurji or scrambled eggs is an Indian recipe of street food. You can usually get this dish at dhabas ...
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