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Homemade Garlic Bread With Cheese For Kids
Most Indian kids these days like garlic bread a lot. But it is not advisable for kids to eat them out very often. You cannot give them junk food all the time. Besides, it is also not an economical option. But ...
Homemade Garlic Bread With Cheese For Kids
Healthy Evening Snacks For Active Toddlers
10 Best Healthy Evening Snacks For Toddlers
Getting toddlers to eat proper meals is not an easy task. You might have to resort to various tricks and techniques to get them to at least try a snack. But there's no guarantee that they will eat it. Many ...
Kheema Mutti: Yummy Snack Recipe
We all have got used to picking up snacks from fast food joints or making quick fixes at home. How about enjoying something rich and decadent for a change? If you want an Indian mutton snacks that will satiate all your ...
Kheema Mutti Yummy Snacks Recipe
Protein Rich Snacks For Kids
Protein Rich Snacks For Kids
Protein is very important to a child’s growth. It is one of the essential nutrients that you just can’t avoid including in your child’s diet. It is necessary for the growth and development of the child. Protein gives the necessary ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Usually, we do not consider chaats as healthy snacks. However, you can always make a dish healthy by using the right ingredients in it. That is why, this chicken chaat recipe, which we are discussing today, can actually be a low ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Best Weekend Snacks To Try
Best Weekend Snacks To Try
Snacks are a must have when you are relaxing during the weekends. A lazy day, with a cup of hot tea, a plate full of crunchy snacks to munch on and a lovely conversation with friends and family. Nothing can beat ...
Two Ways To Prepare Kuttu Ka Pakora
Kuttu is one of the most widely used vrat ingredient in Hinduism. Also known as buckwheat, kuttu ka atta is used to prepare various vrat recipes. From kuttu ki roti to kuttu ka pakora, you can try numerous dishes using buckwheat. ...
Kuttu Ka Pakora Shivratri Vrat Recipe
Yummy Italian Chicken Salami Club Sandwich Recipe
Yummy Italian Chicken Salami Club Sandwich
This evening, try out this yummy and easy club sandwich. Chicken which is a juicy and tender meat is most loved by all age groups. Working mothers, who come home from work tired after a long day can now make a ...
Shivratri Vrat Recipe: Potato Fries
Fasting time arrives soon. As you gear up for the Maha Shivratri celebrations, it is time to think about the eatables as well. Fasting during Shivratri is not a very huge task since you are allowed to eat a lot of ...
Shivratri Vrat Recipe Potato Fries
Banana Bread Recipe For Kids
Banana Bread Recipe For Kids
After your kids return form school and tuition, they look forward to eating something delicious. Indian snacks usually have a lot of tanginess and flavour no matter what they are. There are a range of fried items like samosas that you ...
Crisp And Tasty Gobi Pakora Recipe
Pakoras are basically fried Indian snacks. These snacks can be made with different kinds of ingredients. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients are used for making pakoras. It is one of the most popular evening snack that is enjoyed with a cup ...
Gobi Pakora Recipe
New Potato Pakora Recipe
New Potatoes Pakora Recipe
Arrival of spring welcomes new seasonal vegetables and fruits. For example, new potatoes are very much in the season and the market is flooded with the fresh and tasty new potatoes. New potatoes are the fresh harvest of the season which ...
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